San Antonio's Peterson talks LSU

Torrea Peterson has kept his recruitment quiet, hoping that he can keep a clear mind as he works through the hectic process of choosing a college path. With offers in from USC to LSU and everywhere in between, the San Antonio-native speaks out about the coming months.

For a Lone Star State prospect whose offer sheet includes the likes of Texas, Oklahoma, LSU and USC, Torrea Peterson’s recruitment has been awfully quiet.

“That is just how I wanted it,” he laughed. “My plan is working perfectly.”

As one could imagine, wading through college choices can be a tough task in its’ own right.

Add to that the pressure from college coaches watching your every move, and things can understandably become overwhelming.

“I have not even bothered to talk to any [college] coaches for a good bit,” Peterson said. “I just slipped into isolation, where I was able to pull everything aside and focus on my life. My parents and I figured it would be best, and it has been a very peaceful time for me.”

What has the three-star put together during his time of reflective thought?

“Just the pros and cons of each school, and I looked at how each one would weigh on my decision,” he said. “I am continuing to break it all down, because I want to come out of all of this with something firm … something that I can nail down.

“I want to be able to look at a few schools and say these are my choices, and I am not there yet,” he added. “That is why I am still sitting back on things. I am not done chilling out quite yet.”

While he has taken in a number of in-state campuses already, the coming months should hold trips out-of-state.

“I need to get up to both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, because those are visits that I have had on hold for some time,” Peterson said. “At the end of the summer I would like to get over to Baton Rouge, because LSU is a visit that I have really been anticipating.”

What will the Tigers need to do to impress the nation’s No. 39 ranked defensive tackle prospect?

“I think that my parents will like the academic center, because I have heard really great things from [LSU running backs] coach [Larry] Porter about it,” he said. “That will be a good selling point.

“The ability to put defensive linemen into the NFL will be another big one for me,” he added. “From [Glen] Dorsey to [Tyson] Jackson, they turn draft picks out like popcorn down in Baton Rouge. That is huge.”

With all of the heavy hitters involved, how does Peterson see his recruitment shaking down?

“I obviously don’t want to make any predictions, but I will say that I am open to anyone, especially out-of-state teams,” he said. “My parents did not raise me on the Texas or Texas A&M or Oklahoma mentality like a lot of kids around [Texas], so I am a blank sheet.

“Again, though, I don’t want to be too far from home,” he added. “Distance won’t be a huge factor, but my parents have always been big in my life.”

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