LSU still alive?

The LSU staff has hit the eastern seaboard like never before, already scoring Virginia's top offensive talent in Justin Hunter. Back in the Old Dominion State once more, wide receivers coach DJ McCarthy is hot on the trail of linebacker Travis Williams.

The coming days are about nothing but relaxation for Travis Williams, for the weekend will be business once more.

“I have been all caught up in my recruitment, and it keeps up this weekend with a trip to Penn State for camp,” he said. “I got offered by them a while back, and the staff wants me to get over so that they can get to know me better.”

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The process of getting to know a coaching staff, as Williams can attest, can become tricky.

Take, for instance, his interest in LSU.

“Coach Mac came up here and saw me practice, and that guy was the coolest cat I had come across so far,” Williams said. “I can’t even describe to you how he approached things, but it made you listen.

“Since he offered, I have been wanting to know more and more.”

Yet, with spring evaluations completed, the relationship has hit a standstill.

“Before, coach Mac could just slide in whenever, but now I have to go down to Baton Rouge to find out more,” Williams said. “Plane flights are high, and I am finding that out the hard way. Getting all the way down there might just be better for me in the fall on an official.”

With offers also in from North Carolina, Louisville and Tennessee, when does the three-star prospect expect to narrow his list?

“I am going to get it down to three sometime in the fall,” he said. “I am not sure when it will be, but I know that I need to find out some more on LSU before that date.

“I am evaluating this stuff day to day, and LSU is a team I keep thinking about.”

Williams, who played both ways during his junior campaign, recorded 78 tackles and 14 sacks on the defensive side.

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