Thomas may camp at LSU

It's always hard to lure recruits away from the West Coast, particularly when you are buried in the Deep South. Recruiting powerhouses like USC and UCLA always make it a priority to land California talent, but LSU has made some inroads with the Golden State's 27th ranked prospect – Christian Thomas.

Christian Thomas, a four-star recruit and the nation’s No. 7 tight end, recently paid visits to California’s top two in-state schools – USC and UCLA – and he declared that the Trojans and Bruins were at the top of his list.


However, LSU is still in the picture for the 6-foot-3, 245-pounder, with a probable camp date on the horizon.


“I’m supposed to be going to the LSU three-day camp in July with my coach,” explained Thomas. “It’s not official yet. Hopefully we can make it there.”


The No. 212 player on the Scout300 received an offer from the Tigers in April and he admits that he was caught off guard by the Tigers’ interest.


“I didn’t know LSU was looking at me until my coach told me,” he laughed. “It was a great surprise.”


LSU’s stock quickly rose once Thomas began to talk to wide receivers coach D.J. McCarthy, who has strong ties to California from his days of coaching at UCLA and Washington.


“Everything that me and him talk about is great,” Thomas said. “Everything he says is right down my alley. It’s everything I want to do in a college offense.”


According to Thomas, McCarthy has outlined just how he would be used in the Tigers’ attack.


“They are going to string me out, put me on the line,” he said. “I’ll block people, catch the ball, get yards. That’s the kind of tight end I want to be. They named me as a receiving tight end, and that would be a great opportunity for me.”

Christian Thomas is one of the best tight ends on the West Coast

Some college coaches will tell recruits what they want to hear just to pique their interest, but McCarthy takes a different approach that sits well with the Palmdale-Highland product.


“Coach Mac told me you’ll play your freshman year if you’re good enough to play,” stated Thomas. “You have to be dedicated and you have to be mentally ready.”


Even though he resides a couple of thousand miles away from Baton Rouge and is in the heart of Pac-10 country, Thomas still has some knowledge about LSU football.


“I’ve been watching LSU ever since JaMarcus Russell got there,” he said. “I saw how they play and how they spread the ball. They won a championship, so I already know they can get it done.”


Thomas is hopeful that his visit in July will pan out, but if for some reason it doesn’t, he guarantees that he will make the trek down South in the fall.


“I’m going to visit there,” he said. “I haven’t been there, but I heard some stories about the food up there. I want to get to know the coaches. That’s the main thing I’m looking for.”


California and Washington are also in the mix for Thomas, but USC and UCLA are on the top of his list, especially after recent visits to both schools.


“USC was wonderful, like always,” Thomas said. “I went to a couple of their camps and a couple spring practices. Every time I go there it’s the same thing. They work hard. It’s something you would want to be a part of.


“UCLA is the closest college to me and it’s one of the top colleges,” he added. “It has great players, great coaches and great atmosphere. Everything about UCLA is great in my eyes. My parents went up there with me and thought the same thing.”


While the Trojans and Bruins are out in front, Thomas says it’s not too late for the Bayou Bengals to climb up his list.


“LSU isn’t far behind, but I’ve gone to those schools (USC, UCLA) and met their coaches so that’s why they are on top,” he said. “I had a great experience there. I may have a great experience at LSU, so any college still has an opportunity with me.”


As a junior, Thomas had 23 receptions for 667 yards and eight touchdowns.

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