Count Storm In?

Storm Johnson and LSU running backs coach Larry Porter struck up a relationship early in the process that has since bloomed into something special. In two weeks time, the Georgia standout will trek to Baton Rouge to add four years to the bond.

It has never been any secret as to which college led the way for Storm Johnson – the nation’s No. 29 running back.

“I have always liked LSU as the team to beat,” Johnson said. “Things have just fit from the start.”

With offers in from a number of the nation’s top programs - Florida to LSU to Oklahoma, it goes without saying that the three-star running back has turned plenty of heads on the college front.

Yet, in two weeks time, only one coaching staff will be left standing.

“I am coming over to LSU to commit the weekend of July 11,” Johnson said. “I am just ready to go ahead and make the call. The staff knows the deal, and I am sure they will be happy to call me a Tiger.”

Why shut things down early?

“The timing just seems right,” Johnson said. “I tried coming down last month and then again this coming weekend for the Fourth of July, but coach Porter was on vacation both times. He will be back on Monday [June 6], so that next weekend we are going to make it happen.”

As for where he fits into the Tiger program, the Loganville High standout said that he hopes to develop into more than a power back.

“I jumped on the scale the other day, and I was at 217 pounds,” Johnson said. “I think coach Porter would like to play me somewhere around 225, because I can get physical and still keep my speed.

“LSU fans will realize, I can get under 4.5 when I see the end zone,” he laughed.

Johnson reports a 3.0 GPA and a 20 on the ACT.

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