Getting to Know Eric Reid

When the Tigers landed Eric Reid in the middle of March, head coach Les Miles and his staff added not just a local talent, but also one of the top 10 safeties in the nation. The Dutchtown standout has since had surgery, primed to make his senior season his best yet. Here is another look at one of LSU's biggest commitments for the Class of 2010.

Eric Reid

Position: Safety

Current Size and Speed: 6-1, 210, 4.6

High School: Dutchtown

City, State: Geismar, Louisiana

Junior Stats: 47 tackles and four interceptions

Junior Video:

Offered By: Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Stanford, and others Position Ranking: No. 9 **** National and Regional Rankings: No. 100/Scout100; No. 36/Southeast Top 150; No. 3/ Louisiana Top 40; No. 3 TSD Top 40 in Louisiana



On his junior season… “It was tough for me to play through my shoulder injury. I had to come out a lot of the time, and I could not play on both sides of the ball. Before my surgery, I could feel my shoulder sliding around in its’ socket. It was pretty bad.”


On the surgery… “I had some stretched tendons, and from what I understand the doctor had to fold them over and stitch them down … to make them tighter. I feel better already … normal almost. The doctor just released me for all workouts, and I will be back to contact by August.”


On rehab… “I need to get my stamina back, because I want to play both ways. I have some shoulder therapy on the side, just too make sure the muscles stay tight. I am benching 315, but I want to get back to my usual 335 max. I also want to play at 215.


On playing on both sides of the ball… “I am a pretty good wide receiver, but I never went out their last fall because of the injury. I will be playing both ways this year, though. I have been doing well during 7 vs. 7’s, so I hope to carry that over.”


On familiar competition… “We just played Newman last week, and Ron Vinson was out there. We both went each way, but we never got matched up. At running back, he was killing us. Our linebackers had some trouble, because he is the real deal.”


On Eric and Vinson’s budding relationship… “Ever since we met back in January, we have been close. I let him know right away when I was committed, and he let me know ahead of time that he was going to be a Tiger. We talk a good bit, and I see us being roommates when we get there next summer.


On keeping up with the committed… “I already have some friends from this class. Of course there is Ron, and I talk with Brandon Worle a lot as well. DJ Welter is someone I have also met.”


On the class’s talent level… “I have watched their videos and I love what I see – from everyone in the class. With 15 guys now committed, we only have a few more spots and I think they will be filled with some big names.”


Does Reid visit recruiting sites… “Of course. The videos are the best part about this whole process. I like to compare myself to other guys I see. I realized that my injury left my highlight tape kind of weak. I don’t think it is a good reflection of my true talent. I will make a better one this fall.”


On getting recruited after his commitment… “It is a weird thing. I have these big coaches calling me up to talk and at the end of the day I know that I am not going anywhere. They took the time out of their day to call, so I don’t want to ever be rude. It is just a weird feeling.”


On being a bookworm… “I have the high GPA (4.39) and good test scores (25 ACT), but I don’t like studying one bit. If school is not in session, I am chilling. I like playing board games and hanging with my girl.”


On getting to know first-year defensive backs Coach Ron Cooper… “We have been able to build a great relationship, more so each time I am around him. I try to get over to the facilities and just hang out, playing Playstation with his son and stuff like that. It is all easy going stuff because he is a real laid back guy.”


On following in his father’s footsteps… “Since my dad was a big track star at LSU, playing football will kind of separate myself from what he did. It is weird running track now and seeing his name on my high school’s record wall, though.”


On his favorite former Tiger… “LaRon [Landry] was my favorite. He is the only reason I even watch the Washington Redskins now. I want to make an impact like he did at LSU. I could see myself coming on some safety blitzes and knocking out whoever Alabama’s quarterback is.”


On eating out in Baton Rouge… “It has got to be Kona Grill. Last time I went, I had a great roast beef meal. It is definitely my favorite spot.”

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