Fitte Headed to Baton Rouge

South Plaquemine took their second consecutive state title last December, topping Christian Life 62-16 in the Louisiana Superdome. Sophomore Beau Fitte, who recorded six tackles, one sack and a fumble recovery, used the big stage to get his name out to the masses. Headed into his junior campaign, Fitte feels that he has done just that.

When South Plaquemine got done with Christian Life, 46 points separated the two sides. Headed into a junior campaign that he hopes holds a third straight title, the confident feeling that he left the Superdome with remains.

“We are going to win it again, no doubt,” Fitte said. “It is a guarantee.”

From Fitte to Bradley Sylve to Seth Ancar, the Hurricanes have about as much talent as you can fit on a 1A side – which makes Fitte’s guarantee all the more likely.

Yet, the promises don’t stop there.

“We are going to run the show on the track circuit as well,” Fitte said. “Over the past year Bradley and I would total up 60-something points during an event, and an entire team that we were up against would only get to around 40. It just lets you know, South Plaquemine is going to continue to be successful over these next couple of years.”

With his sophomore season in the rearview, Fitte took to April’s Scout combine in New Orleans with a mission.

“I wanted to get a feel for what the talent level of the rest of the state was,” he said. “I needed to see what things I had to work on to get to their level.”

Competing against a group that was comprised of mainly rising seniors, the underclassman shined.

“I was nervous when I first got there, but once I started running I became excited,” Fitte said. “I tested all right, with a 4.64 forty and a 28” vertical jump. My best stuff came in the field, where I worked on technique and things like that.

“I felt like when I was stacked up against the field for a comparison, I came out on top.”

Yet, there was something missing.

“I needed to put on weight, because I played the entire season last year under 200 pounds,” Fitte said. “Too become more physical and prepare myself for my recruitment, I needed to see how I looked at a heavier weight.”

Fortunately, the weight was added. Unfortunately, it came at a price.

“I came up with turf toe on my middle toe, and it required surgery,” Fitte said. “I am trying to rehab now, but I can’t really do anything more about it. It just takes time.

“Of course, I am putting on plenty of pounds because of that,” he added. “The whole summer I have only been able to eat, sleep and lift weights. Without running a whole lot, it was pretty easy.”

Fitte is now at 210 pounds, but that could soon change.

“He will likely play the season at 215,” said South Plaquemine head coach Cyrus Crutchfield. “He has really done a tremendous job with staying in shape and also adding weight, and he moved his max on the bench up to 375.”

When it comes to his recruitment, Crutchfield said, college coaches would like what they get in Fitte as a heavier prospect.

“Once he gets to college, I could see coaches putting him anywhere from 240 and above,” he said. “He is still growing as well, so adding the weight will be a good fit.”

While coaches cannot extend written scholarships until September 1, Fitte already has a good idea of the offer he will be waiting on.

“I am hoping to hear from Les Miles,” he said. “I would love to go to LSU … that is my dream. I have followed the Tigers growing up, and being a part of that would be special.”

Lucky for Fitte, Miles and Co. will get their first look in the coming weeks.

“I will be at the second camp session towards the end of July,” he said. “I am definitely excited about it, because it is a great time for the staff to go ahead and get some evaluation down on my game.”

Crutchfield, who is also Fitte’s track coach, said that it is important to note the 5-foot-11, 210-pound prospect’s ceiling for development.

“He had the physical aspect down long before the mental part, and that was what we want to change with his junior season,” he said. “As he starts to mature, he will go through a process where he will grow mentally and become a better player. I think the future is bright, because like Bradley, his upswing is tremendous.”

For Fitte, change comes one step at a time.

“I want my hips better first,” he said. “Working on my hips and flexibility is what needs my main focus. And, I realize I have plenty of time to get everything straight.”

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