A Comfortable Switch

LSU signed and placed Benay Pryer in 2008. Over the past year, the 6-foot-6, 280-pound defensive end has hopped from Mississippi Gulf Coast to Kilgore Community College. He is settled in and poised for a big year, but are the Tigers still on board?

When the Tigers signed Benay Pryer out of Belaire High in Baton Rouge, they did so with certain expectations on Pryer’s end.

“The staff told me I had to keep my grades up first, and work on my football second,” he said. “I have gotten stronger in the classroom and on the field, so I think they are pleased.”

While he spent his freshman season at Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Baton Rouge native made a move in the offseason that has suited him well.

“I am at Kilgore Community College, and I have loved it so far this summer,” he said. “We are working harder than I ever have, and the relationship I have with the coaching staff is similar to what I have with LSU.

“I just finished up with a Bar-B-Q at the park with the team, which is something we do once a week,” he added. “We work out from noon on in the pool and weight room, then we cap it off with a dinner together. It is just a great way to bond, and it reminds me of home.”

Pryer, who is enrolled in a pair of summer school courses, said that he is on track academically.

“I am enrolled in Government and History courses, which are both going really well,” he said. “After these two classes I will have 44 hours, which puts me on track to graduate in December.”

From there, Pryer hopes he will be able to enroll at LSU.

“I talked with coach [Brick] Haley the other day, and he told me to let him know if I needed anything,” he said. “The whole staff has been super supportive, and it has made everything go smooth. He told me to check with him often, and he would get my transcript as soon as classes ended this summer.

“Coach [Les] Miles told me that I had to do my part on the field, and he would do his part as well,” he added. “Coach Miles is a man of his word, so I think if I can get it done this fall then I will be a Tiger.”

As for other schools in the mix, Pryer said that the Tigers have his full attention – at least for now.

“I will take a few visits and something could change, but I doubt it,” he said. “As of now, it is all LSU. If something is going to change, I don’t know about it at this point.”

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