Getting to Know Hardrick

When the LSU staff offered JUCO offensive tackle Jermarcus Hardrick, the Magnolia State native did not take long to offer a response. Within 24 hours, he was a Tiger.

Jermarcus Hardrick

Position: Offensive Tackle

Current Size: 6-foot-7, 315-pounds

High School: South Panola

City-State: Batesville, Miss.

Freshman Stats: 45 pancakes

Freshman Awards/Honors: Second Team All-Jayhawk

Freshman Video:

Recruited By: LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Nebraska Position Ranking: JUCO (****)



On the coming season… “We are trying to win a national championship, because we came too close last season. I am not used to anything but winning, so I am doing everything I can to get a title out here to Fort Scott before I leave.”

On his personal performance this fall… “Look for me to shoot up my pancakes from 45 to the 75-range. I am not happy until I get all my pancakes. I have to eat, if you follow me.”

On the summer months… “The LSU staff has been telling me to stay on my grades, so I don’t get into a whole lot if it does not involve working out or studying. After I finish my homework each night I try to make some down time for myself, but that is about it.”

On what he does in the down time… “I play Playstation with guys on the team … usually NCAA football. I run with LSU, of course. All these [Midwest] guys think they can hang with a southern man, but I show them the truth.”

On keeping tabs with LSU… “I talk with coach Robinson about once a week, just so he can make sure that I am staying on track. My grades are all in line, so in December it is all LSU.”

On getting found… “I came out to Fort Scott not knowing where I would end up at college, and then I met coach Robinson. He was out on campus recruiting Derek Helton, and things just happened from there. He put my video on coach Miles’ desk and the staff loved it. They offered, and I pulled the trigger.”

On a dream come true… “The first day that I got to Fort Scott, our head coach sat me down and asked me about my life goals. I told him some things, and he asked me what school I dreamed about playing at. I told him LSU, and here I am. It is a special time for me … something me and my mom have always talked about.”

On winning programs… “South Panola is known as one of the best football programs in the nation, and I was a part of that growing up. When I look at colleges, I want to play at the highest level and continue to win. That is how LSU and South Panola are alike.”

On losing weight… “I am getting a little slimmer. The LSU coaches like what I am doing with that, so I am keeping it up. I run timed sprints three days a week and work out the other two days. I was not used to this kind of conditioning before I got to Kansas, so it is good for me.”

Hardrick will enroll at LSU in December

On his fellow recruits… “I get on the websites and watch a lot of video, and I love what the staff is bringing in. LSU is going to be super talented, so the rest of the SEC should step back.”

On a familiar face… “I have been hearing about Chris Garrett since he was a freshman at Tupelo High. He almost beat [South Panola] once, and I was impressed. He is the kind of opponent that you talk about nonstop in the locker room, so it will be good to have him on my side for once.

On the freshman quarterback situation… “As a tackle, I like watching out for the quarterbacks. Garrett will be a great one, and Russell Shepard brings the running element. He looks like he would be a blast to play with, so it is going to be a good situation for me. I am ready to start blocking for them. It is getting me excited just thinking about it.”

On joining up with Derek Helton… “I got word that Derek is doing his thing down at camp, and he might push for a starting spot. He is holding it down for Fort Scott, and I am going to help him represent all that when I make it over in December. We are real good friends, so it will be fun.”

On his preferred name… “Call me Yoshi. My brother’s name is Mario, and everyone started calling me Yoshi when I was younger. It stuck, so I carry it with me. Yoshi Hardrick at your service.”

On being a comedian… “I love to make people laugh, and I am always cutting up. That is what people like about me, so I do what I can. I think you could call me a mix between Martin and Fresh Prince.”

On his first trip to Baton Rouge as a Tiger… “I will be taking my official visit on September 12 for the Vanderbilt game. It is the only bye week we have, so I set the date and will be ready to do it big.”

On where to find Hardrick come game time… “I will be in the student section keeping everyone entertained. I will have on purple and gold like everyone else, so I might blend in. I have heard everyone dances, so I might break something out.”

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