LSU's Looking at Ginsburgh

LSU has extended a scholarship offer to a few out-of-state kicking specialists for the 2010 class but now special teams coach Joe Robinson appears to be focusing on some in-state guys including Alexandria-Menard prospect Jonathan Ginsburgh.

The punter is not a position that crosses many minds during the recruiting process but it is one that is important to LSU’s coaching staff for this recruiting class with Holy Savior Menard’s Jonathan Ginsburgh near the top of their list.


Ginsburgh has been camping and going to clinics all summer to improve on his self-taught technique and it has apparently paid off in regards to his LSU recruitment because the 6-foot, 195-pound punter came back to LSU’s second camp of the summer and really put on a show.


“Coach (Joe) Robinson told me to work on some stuff and when I came back he was really happy that everything worked out and he was thrilled with my performance,” said Ginsburgh. “Coach Robinson said we would lead the SEC with my punts and he said after (Mike) Sadler committed to Michigan State they said they would get in touch with me within a few weeks. I understand that there are other punters out there but it would be my dream come true to punt for LSU.”


The two-star, No. 7 ranked punter has been working on his new two-step punt that Robinson taught him and has brought his average back up to where it should be.


“I taught myself the three-step punt and it was kind of what I was known for,” said Ginsburgh. “I could hit upper 50’s doing that and when I learned the new techniques from all of these camps and clinics I realized that my punts would get blocked in college football so I had to adjust. Now I am back up to the 40-50 range with hang times like 4.4, 4.6, and 4.8 on occasion.”


One of the clinics that Ginsburgh attended with the hope of impressing LSU and other schools was Kohl's National Showcase Invitational Scholarship Showcase at the end of July. He was exceptional at the camp and finished fourth - out of 138 contestants - in the punt-charting event and ranked ahead of's top two punters in the country in Matt Darr and Sadler, respectively. His best punt of the competition traveled 47 yards and had a 4.99 hang time.


Ginsburgh would love nothing more than to punt for the Tigers but would there be room for a specialist in a class that already has 21 commitments?


“Coach Miles told me that they are saving one scholarship for a punter in this class and since I think they only have seven total (scholarships) left I don’t know how they are going to deal with the situation,” said Ginsburgh. “I understand that I’m kind of on the backburner being a specialist, but I’m not too worried about it because I have other options.”


Ginsburgh has an official offer from ULL and has received a lot of the same type of interest that LSU is giving him from some other high-profile programs such as Arkansas, Auburn and Georgia Tech.


It’s nerve racking to have to sit and wait to see if schools have room, especially when you’re waiting on your favorite, and Ginsburgh knows that all too well.


“The life of a punter is always stressful,” laughed Ginsburgh. “All I can do is sit by the phone and check the mail every day. If I were to get the offer from LSU, I’m pretty sure I would commit on the spot.”


Ginsburgh attended camps at LSU, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Northwestern (Chicago), and the University of Houston. He says he maintains a 3.48 grade point average and scored a 21 on his ACT.

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