A New Look for Brockers

The 2009 LSU defensive line class has made huge strides during their short time on campus. At defensive end, Texas standout Mike Brockers is trying to prove to the staff that he can make an impact – and early.

Chavez High head coach Mike Jackson will miss Mike Brockers.

As a senior, Brockers was not just an All-Area performer, but also the 20-5A Defensive Player of the Year. Playing his final high school season at 6-foot-6, 260-pounds, Jackson said that a Division I strength program would have the former Lobo looking like an NFL talent.

“He can play at 280 or 285 when he gets on the training table in college,” Jackson said in December. “He has the combination of size and speed that you don’t see often. I am not comparing him to Mario Williams talent-wise, but when he gets to college and on LSU’s weight program he will look like Mario physically. He just has god given gifts that you can’t manufacture.”

Like clockwork, two months into his stay in Baton Rouge and Brockers looks the part.

“I am already to 285, and it feels really great,” Brockers said. “I am carrying the extra pounds better than I thought I would. I got onto campus at about 266, so everything has come since then. I don’t know if I am eating more food or if it is all muscle, but I am definitely comfortable with where I am.

“The staff wants me to lose a little weight before the season, but nothing too crazy.”

Brockers’ fall camp performance has been solid. So much so that last week, head coach Les Miles tabbed the Lone Star State native as one of the names to watch on the defensive line.

While Rahim Alem and Pep Levingston are pegged as the starting tandem at defensive end, the battle for playing time behind the frontrunners remains tight. With Sam Montgomery, Chase Clement, Chancey Aghayere and Bennie Logan also in the mix, where does Brockers feel that he stands on the depth chart?

“I am not sure of the exact slot I fall in, but I do I feel great about early playing time, because I feel like I have done everything that the staff has asked of me,” he said. “Everyday I keep lifting weights and running hard to make sure that I am doing everything needed to be prepared. When game day comes, I am going to be out there and stronger than ever.”

While a slew of big names leave competition for playing time heavy, Brockers said that the talent level on the Tiger team is just what he needed to be at his best.

“Oh man, playing with these guys is amazing for my game,” Brockers said. “I have never met a group with so much intensity. These guys have everything that you could want from your players, and we make each other better each morning and afternoon.

“The best part about it is that we know we are always on point, and we never slow down for anyone,” he added. “The best athletes are all on your side, and you never have to worry about people missing blocks or doing the wrong thing. It is easy on you when playing with guys like that.”

Back at the apartment after a day full of workouts, Brockers said that the learning continues.

“I live with Bennie Logan, Mo Claiborne and Dominique Allen, and we are able to share additional knowledge with each other every night, and that helps out in a big way,” he said. “They put us four together for a reason, because we are all laid back and just connect well.”

No matter if he cracks into the two-deep or not, Brockers said that he will be all smiles on Saturday this fall – for even wearing purple and gold is a dream come true.

“I committed to coach Miles and LSU the day that they offered, and [Mike] Ford and [Josh] Downs and I were among the first few prospects that helped get the ball rolling,” he said. “I had been wanting to be at LSU for years and years, so just being on the team today is a great feeling in itself.”

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