Still Working for an Offer

Byran Jones lives right on the border of Arkansas and Louisiana and it appears that the Hogs and Tigers are two of the top schools on his mind these days. One has offered but will the other?

Junction City, Ark. defensive tackle Byran Jones is gearing up for another successful season and is looking to garner a specific offer with his performance on the field. However, the 6-foot-2, 310-pounder has been working on his game and academics of late while not worrying too much about the camp or recruiting scene.


“I’ve just been focusing on getting stronger,” said Jones, who camped at Arkansas and Maryland, but was unable to make it to LSU in July due to a family trip. “I have upped my bench to 405 pounds and my squat is at 555 pounds. I need to get my grades up but I have been working on that on a daily basis. I have a 2.7 GPA and I’m taking the ACT in October so I have some work to do.”


When the No. 79 ranked defensive tackle does have time to think about recruiting, he claims a top five list that will likely change in the near future.


“I have a top five but it’s not in order,” stated Jones. “My favorite schools are Arkansas, LSU, Baylor, Ole Miss and Auburn. It’s going to change after I get to look at the schools a little more, but that’s what I have right now considering what they have all been sending me.”


Jones attends Junction City High School in Arkansas but he actually resides in Lillie, La. – seven miles from the Arkansas state line. He says that he didn’t grow up a fan of either LSU or Arkansas and he doesn’t expect proximity to home to be his deciding factor.


Jones admits that he is now a fan of both the Tigers and Hogs, and he’s also a supporter of Les Miles as the Tigers’ headman is one big factor for his interest in the Tigers. Academics are very important to the big tackle as well and he understands that the right guidance is a key to his future success.


“I really like LSU because of Les Miles,” said Jones. “He is a good coach who wins games and cares about his players. He processes people and puts them in position to have success.”


Jones thinks very highly of the LSU football program, but what does he think of his recruiter and the possibility of an offer from the staff?


“Coach Greg (Studrawa) seems like a nice guy and he was cool when I got to meet him, but they have not said anything about offering me yet,” said Jones. “I’m going to work hard this season and I hope they do. If they did offer it would probably shoot them up to No. 1 on my list.”


Jones racked up over 100 tackles in his junior year and recently was the recipient of offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Baylor. He has not set up any visits yet but one school is already in the plans as he enters his senior campaign.


“LSU, man, I have been watching them on TV since I can remember,” said Jones. “I have not set up any of my visits yet and I’m not sure who all is going to get one, but I know LSU will because I got to get down there and see the real thing and to see what all the talk is about. I’m going to call Coach Greg (Studrawa) soon to figure out how this all works.”



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