An Eye on Baton Rouge

Benay Pryer has had his eye on LSU since he graduated from Baton Rouge-Belaire with the Class of 2008. He's made a couple of stops since then on the junior college circuit, but there's no question in his mind as to where he wants to end up at in December.

Kilgore College defensive tackle Benay Pryer has been working with his junior college team over this summer to contribute to the team’s overall wealth and also help show coaches from high profile colleges that he is one of the best in the trenches when it comes to getting physical from multiple techniques.


Pryer, a 6-foot-6, 310-pounder, started his career as a versatile, defensive lineman with undeniable range. After playing offensive tackle and defensive end at Belaire high School in Baton Rouge, Pryer has recently accepted the role of moving inside for the sake of his team’s lack of big guys to clog the middle.


“I’ve been good,” said Pryer. “We just got out of a meeting for our defense to go over what we accomplished today and I think we are progressing even though we are kind of short on necessary positions. I have to play a three-technique because I’m the biggest guy on the defensive line but I will do what it takes to help my team win games.”


Pryer, who redshirted as a freshman at Gulf Coast Community College (Miss.), elaborates on the difference of lining up inside as opposed to coming off the edge.


“It’s different playing a three-technique than a six because you have to deal with double teams differently,” said Pryer. “In the six that I’m used to you get to use the outside and contain to get around your blocker, and it’s tougher for a tackle and tight end or a tackle and guard to get to you. In the three, they can really trap you up. With my range and height I’m suited better for the outside but I think this three-tech stuff is helping my toughness overall.”


If Pryer would have had his academics in order coming out of high school he would already be playing for LSU. The Tigers have not extended an offer to the big man yet, so where do they stand in relation to Pryer’s other suitors – Baylor, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Louisville, Kansas and Oklahoma State?


“I talked to coach (Brick Haley) last week to tell him that I am graduating in December and to give him my transcripts,” said Pryer. “I sent in my transcripts and have been talking to coach (Sam) Nader about which classes to finish up with here with at Kilgore. Coach Haley was excited to hear my news but said my offer would depend on my game film from this season. So I have some extra motivation.”


“LSU is still number one and it is my goal to get there,” added Pryer. “They have been my goal for a while and all of my hard work will hopefully pay off.”

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