Getting to Know Elliot Porter

Elliot Porter earned a scholarship offer from the Tigers with a strong showing at LSU's June Camp when he worked out as an offensive lineman. One month later, the big man pulled the trigger at LSU's Bayou Night.

Elliot Porter

Position: Defensive Tackle

Projected Position at LSU: Offensive Guard

Committed to LSU: July 18

Current Size: 6-foot-4, 290 pounds

High School: Archbishop Shaw

City-State: Marrero, La.

Junior Stats: 85 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, 11 sacks

Junior Video:

Academic Status: 3.2 GPA

Offered By: LSU, Florida State, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas Tech, Arkansas, and others Position Ranking: No. 31 Defensive Tackle (***)



What made you pull the trigger for LSU… “It was mostly the situation of playing on the offensive line, and the school is just terrific. That’s what made me pull the trigger so soon. I just felt it and it felt right at home.


On moving to the offensive line after playing defensive tackle all his life… “I think I’ll be a better offensive lineman than a defensive lineman because I’m so physical. I feel that I’ll be better suited for that on the college level because I can move better than most offensive linemen after playing so much on the defensive side.”


On the decision to choose LSU and playing on the offensive line over the other schools… “It wasn’t that hard. I love LSU and it was an easy decision.”


On not accepting the offer for close to a month when LSU extended it in June… “That was tough. I had that feeling that I wanted to commit right then and there, but I had said that I wanted to see some more things first. It was tough, though, because I wanted to commit to Les Miles right then and there to his face, but I had to talk it over with my parents first.”


Mom and dad’s input was… “Ah man, my dad loves LSU and my mom she just had to see more about it. When she saw everything she loved it too. My parents are real proud of me for how I handled the decision and how I was so mature and patient about it. We dealt with that situation, but now we’re all rolling with LSU. We’re a big LSU family.”


On LSU being a family tradition… “My cousin Ralph Norwood played there [graduated in 1989 and was a second round draft pick – 38th overall) and that played into my decision. He died in an automobile accident (1989) and it feels good to know that I’m making him proud. I know he’s smiling down on me right now.”


Dealing with an early injury… “I got injured in our jamboree; someone rolled up my leg trying to block me and the doctors said it was a strained meniscus in my knee. I should be back for week three or week four, so it’s not anything that’s going to really hold me back any.”


Biggest influence as a person … “My dad; pretty much my whole family, but mostly my dad. He keeps me focused and humble. He keeps me wanting more with my grades and everything in life.”


Biggest influence as a player … “All of my coaches, especially all of my coaches at Shaw. They’re all terrific and really good coaches. They made me into the player that I am today and they helped me with my decision. They’ve given me so much guidance and I couldn’t have chosen a better school to go to. Without Shaw, you wouldn’t see Elliot Porter as the player he is today.”


Favorite actor… “Denzel Washington. He is so intense and he makes everything so realistic. He shows his true colors and he doesn’t put on a front.”


Favorite food… “Mom’s biscuits, and my grandmother’s. No doubt about it. Homemade with lots of butter on them.”


Favorite movie… “Glory Road. That story shows you that anything can be done. I’m a strong believer in Christ and very religious. Anything can be done through Jesus.”


If he wasn’t playing football, Elliot would be… “Playing basketball.”


Something people would never expect… “I’m very humble. I try to keep my head low. I’m real outgoing but humble.”


Prediction on LSU’s 2009 season… “National championship.”


Plans for this weekend… “You know it. I'll be at the vandy game.”

Message to LSU fans… “I can’t wait to be a Tiger. You’ll see Elliot Porter in an LSU uniform come next year.”

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