Davis Ready to Step Up

When Mike Davis committed to LSU last February, Tiger fans knew it would be a long year until the pen hit the scholarship papers. Yet with just four months until National Signing Day, the five-star receiver is as solid as ever.

At wide receiver, it does not get much better than Mike Davis, the nation’s No. 9 ranked receiver prospect on one of high school football’s most talented teams.

Dallas-Skyline High is out to an undefeated mark, though Davis has not been on board the whole way.

“I missed some games after my injury, and then I had to miss more time and practice when I came down with the flu,” he said.

While his trip status remained day-to-day this past week, Saturday brought better spirits and a desire to see his future team in action.

“I made the trip because I wanted that game to be my official,” Davis said. “It was a really good decision. The game was really live, just like I knew it would be. To get to see Florida take on LSU, and see that defense play so hard, it impressed me. I like the character of the team. The guys want nothing but winning, and things will bounce back for them against Auburn.”

For Davis, both flags and miscues from the offensive line held the Tigers back from a win that the 6-foot-1, 175-pound Dallas native said that he expected LSU to take.

“In such a big game, penalties like that really kill you,” he said. “It kills momentum. Then the linemen looked like they were not getting the job done in pass protection. Those things can be fixed, but they could have thrown the football more and stayed in that game.”

After a weekend that held talks with Brandon LaFell, Terrance Toliver, Russell Shepard, Gary Crowton and head coach Les Miles, Davis said that his decision to join on with LSU sounds as enticing as ever.

“The older receivers will be moving on the next two years, and that leaves guys like me to come in and step up,” he said. “Everyone is telling me that I can be the face of the 2010 class, and I could be that player that comes in and makes noise as a freshman.

“But, it is more than that,” he added. “To be the face of the class, you got to help make the class. I am done taking visits and I am trying to start making some friends with guys to see what I can do to get the last couple players into this class. And, even though LSU lost, the hype and environment is enough to open some eyes.”

During his stay, Davis was able to get to know Justin Hunter, a second LSU wide receiver commitment for 2010.

“That kid is really cool, and you can tell he is an athlete,” he said. “He is the taller, lankier receiver – so it shows that the staff brought in two different guys who can do different things.

“And, we would be coming to campus and competing against a shallow depth chart that does not really have much experience yet,” he added. “I get the feeling that once the recruits get with the younger receivers on the team, it will be a really strong unit.”


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