Landry's Reflections

Jarvis Landry was in the stands on Saturday night, and the 2011 LSU target left the stadium with both questions and a hope for change.

Four-star wide receiver prospect Jarvis Landry has been the talk around the water cooler for some time – despite the fact that he is just a junior in high school.

Landry attended both LSU summer camps in 2009, and has made it to campus for multiple games this season.

Yet, the Florida result – a 13-3 loss at the hands of the No. 1 team in the country – left Landry with plenty of questions as he walked out of Tiger Stadium.

“LSU has the talent to beat Florida, so I was just a little upset that they had let it slip,” he said. “I think the offense could have played better, because the defense was on point. You can’t ask any more from those guys, because they are some of the most talented defenders in the country.”

What concerned the wide receiver prospect was the lack of a vertical attack. With some of the Southeastern Conference’s top talents at each position, the Lutcher native said that he expected more from the hometown team.

“The offense just could not score,” Landry said. “There were times where Jordan [Jefferson] was sacked, and that could be on the offensive line or on the quarterback for not throwing the ball away. It just makes third downs tough, and LSU was not really ever able to convert.

“I know they have playmakers, some of the best in the country, but you just have to get them the ball,” he added. “And, when they do get the ball, you have to make a play. Nothing will come easy against the top team in the country. When a football team struggles on offense, it really falls on everyone.”

While Landry left the stadium feeling blue, the mood was positive prior to the final whistle.

“The visit was really a blast,” he said. “I went on the field with all the 2011 guys and just acted up. Some of the seniors like Lache [Seastrunk], Ron [Vinson] and Trovon [Reed] and them were down there to. I sat with those guys in the stands, and we had a great time. We were upset the offense wasn’t scoring, but the atmosphere and energy from the team kept it fun the whole time.”

That energy, Landry said, is what struck a chord with he and the recruits amongst him at the game.

“We talked a lot about that even though things were not going smooth, the players were busting the Florida guys up until the end,” he said. “They never gave up, and that is what the coaches tell us the LSU attitude is. Being a Tiger is about having heart until the end.

“The next big step is Alabama,” he added. “That is what most of the guys were saying. I am coming back for the Auburn game, but I think the real test will be Alabama. That will be the game where LSU can step up and show what they can do, even against a great defense.”

While the Lutcher native has kept the Tigers as his named leader through much of his process, did the weekend change his outlook?

“I wouldn’t say that,” he said. “I am definitely still in the LSU camp. The way the offense played just leaves you asking when is someone going to step up. I just want to see the team play well.”

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