Moving On

LSU fans are still feeling the hangover effect from last week's loss to Alabama. The big question, though, is what about the players? Are they still hung over?

The SEC office has yet to make a public statement in regards to the LSU/Alabama football game. Nothing has been said like:

“We missed a few calls.”

“Patrick Peterson looks to be clearly in bounds with clear possession.”

“I’m not sure why our official marked off 5.75 yards on a 5 yard penalty.”

“It appears that Brandon Taylor may have been hit in the back on the 73 yard score by Julio Jones.”

Nothing. You can hear crickets people and once the Tigers take the field on Saturday there won’t be any mention of the pitiful performance by the officials in Tuscaloosa. Officiating didn’t cost the LSU game, but it certainly hindered their chances.

If you recall the Georgia game, the SEC went out of its way to condemn the celebration penalty called on the Bulldogs.  

There are several problems with this. First and foremost, if you don’t admit you have a problem, how can you go about fixing it? Second, if there is no accountability for officials in the SEC why would they stop behaving in a questionable manner? Finally, are you really not going to address what everyone saw during a nationally televised game?

Commissioner Mike Slive suspended the crew of the Arkansas/Florida game for some questionable calls. He admitted error in the Georgia game, but now he has nothing to say. Anyone else think that it’s curious that he graduated from Alabama? 

Alright, what does all this have to do with LSU’s homecoming game against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs? A lot. Last year, LSU went in the tank after the Alabama game. You can sugarcoat it all you want, but that’s what happened.

It happens to a lot of football teams. It’s not a unique occurrence, but it is the first time I can remember a team coached by Les Miles going in the tank. And don’t kid yourself, that’s what they did.

Now Les Miles held a press conference and said that this team is different. This team essentially has more leadership, and more character. That’s my interpretation. I’m not trying to put words in the coach’s mouth, or bad mouth last year’s squad.

The goals for this year were to win an SEC West Championship and compete for a national title. None of those things can happen now. LSU can still finish 10-2 but it looks like the best case scenario for the Tigers is spending the new year in either Orlando for the Capital One Bowl or Dallas for the Cotton Bowl.

Again are these Tigers going to play as hard as they have all season? I suspect that they will, but we won’t know until the whistle blows on Saturday night. LSU should win this game easy, even if they have a backup quarterback and a backup tailback.

Fans are still bemoaning the Tigers bad fortune last weekend. Are the players? That’s the big question. Can the players recover physically and mentally?

When Tech Has the Ball

The Bulldog offense is well balanced, but the star on the offensive side of the ball is Daniel Porter. Porter has carried the football 148 times this year for 773 yards and eight touchdowns. He averages about 81 yards a contest and five yards a carry.

La. Tech has had some legitimate opponents this year including: Auburn, Navy and Boise State. In last Saturday’s game against Boise, Tech finished the first half down 27-7, but came roaring back to make it a heated contest. They ultimately lost 35-25, but showed a lot of fight in defeat.

This game should be an LSU win, but don’t expect the Bulldogs to lie down.

Ross Jenkins is the primary signal caller for Tech. He has solid numbers with 133 completions on 225 attempts with 12 touchdowns and five interceptions. Jenkins will look to spread the football around. Four different receivers on the roster have caught more than 15 passes.

The top two statistical leaders are Dennis Morris and Phillip Livas. The tight end Morris has 27 receptions for 435 yards and seven touchdowns.

Livas is a 5-8/175 pound wideout with 20 receptions and no touchdowns.

On defense, the recipe for success will not change. Stop the running game and force the opponent to throw the football. Then, get after the quarterback and force him to make quick decisions.

If the LSU defense plays with intensity and concentration, they should be able to bottle up the Bulldog attack with relative ease.

When LSU Has the Ball

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Jarrett Lee will be the starting quarterback. The coaching staff seemed to take an extremely cautious approach last weekend with Jordan Jefferson. It wouldn’t make much sense to play him against Tech.

Jefferson can use the week off on the sideline to watch, learn and heal. Again if the goal is to finish strong, then the trip to Ole Miss will not be an easy game. Jefferson will most likely need to be calling the signals if LSU is to win that contest. For that reason, I don’t think Jefferson will play.

It appears Keiland Williams and Stevan Ridley will be splitting carries against the Bulldogs. Expect the coaches to go with the hot hand during the game. Williams should get the bulk of time as the third down back, but expect Ridley to finish the game with more carries.

LSU will look to establish a running game. Once they are able to run the football, look for Lee to take some deep drops off of play action and spread the football around to Terrance Tolliver, Brandon LaFell and Rueben Randle.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Randle have a big game.

Lee can throw the football given time, and the LSU line is playing much better as of late. Lee should post some big numbers in this one.

How We See It

It all comes down to effort and intensity. If LSU has it, then the game gets put on ice early and the kids get a nice sacrificial lamb for Homecoming. If LSU lets Tech stay in the game, then anything can happen.

La. Tech is not a pushover just as Troy wasn’t last year. These guys have some talent around the football. Still, look for LSU to use last week’s disappointment as motivation. The Tigers play angry Saturday night and even the media will finally lay the Alabama loss to rest…...

LSU 45, La. Tech 14




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