No Porter? No Seastrunk?

Five-star running back prospect Lache Seastrunk talked about his feelings on coach Larry Porter leaving LSU, as well as his plans for the next two months.

For recruits, when an opportunity arrives they take it, and the same goes for coaches.

On Saturday, running backs coach Larry Porter made it known to the LSU faithful that he would be accepting the head-coaching job at Memphis.

Although they knew it would be a significant loss to the program, especially regarding recruiting, many were happy for Porter and his accomplishment.

One person who expressed his feelings regarding Porter’s move was none other than the Tiger’s top remaining target: Lache Seastrunk (5’10, 185, 4.4).

On Sunday, the Temple High School product informed of his feelings on the coaching move.

“I think it was a great move for him,” Seastrunk stated concerning Porter. “I’m really proud of him. I’m not mad at all, because I know he has to support his family.

“I don’t know,” Seastrunk said of what effect, if any, Porter’s move will have on his relationship with LSU. “To be honest, I can’t answer that right now. He was one of the reasons I liked LSU, because I would have liked to play for him, but I know he has to do what benefits his family. I can’t say where I stand with LSU, but I am proud and happy for coach Porter.”

Seastrunk’s feelings on the Tiger’s coaching move is not the only thing he is unsure about. He also remains uncertain of the destination of his final three official visits.

“I don’t have any visits set up as of now and I’m not completely sure about the Oregon visit either,” Seastrunk claimed. “I know I have some visits left to take, but I’m not sure where they will be to yet. I have nothing narrowed down.”

How will the five-star prospect approach the two months prior to signing day?

“I’m going to try to watch as many games on television to see what’s going on with some of these teams,” Seastrunk said. “I haven’t really been paying much attention to what has been going on in recruiting because I’ve been trying to keep my grades up so I can make the Academic All-District team. I just missed it last year, so this year it is really important to me that I make it. Right now I’m maintaining all A’s and B’s and I’m trying to finish out strong.

“Academics have always been important to me because I know I’m just one injury away from not being able to play football anymore,” Seastrunk continued. “I also know that my education is something nobody can take away from me because it was not given to me. I earned it. On the other hand, football was a blessing from God and I just tweaked it a little bit to get me in the position I am in right now.”

Seastrunk finished his senior season with 1,174 yards rushing and 15 touchdowns bringing his career total to 4,217 yards on the ground with 52 scores.

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