Could Gore be 24?

LSU has been sitting steady at 23 Class of 2010 commitments for over a month now, but it appears that number may change within the coming week.

Christopher Columbus High School product Jakhari Gore (5’8, 175, 4.6) informed on Tuesday evening it is almost time for his announcement.

To get a feel for just how close the three-star prospect was to making a decision, LSU Recruiting Coordinator Don Yanowsky paid a visit to the Gore residence in Florida on Monday night.

“Coach Yano visited my house last night,” Gore informed. “It was [Yanowsky], my mom, my dad and my girlfriend. We had a good time and talked. It was nice. I told him LSU was still my No. 1 team, and that I was looking forward to playing football there.

“We also talked a little bit about coach [Larry] Porter leaving,” Gore added. “He was telling me how that is something that always happens in college. He said for me not to get discouraged by it, because you never know when something like that is going to happen. I’m just glad it happened now and not when I was there because at least now I’ll come in as a freshman and start off with the new coach instead of having to deal with a coaching change while I'm there.”

Gore claimed he was moved by the initial news of Porter heading to Memphis, but after reflecting on the entire situation he realized it was for the best.

“I felt like, damn he is leaving,” Gore said of first hearing the news. “It made me feel bad when I saw it scrolling across the bottom of the television while I was watching ESPN. After I saw it I gave him a call to see what was up, but his phone was off. I guess he was probably busy dealing with everything. I've thought about it though and I understand he is getting a head coaching position which will make his family better off and I’m cool with that. I’m happy for him.”

According to Gore, next week he will do what he believes will be in the best interest of himself and his family.

“Next week coach [Les] Miles is supposed to come to my house for a visit,” Gore confirmed. “Once he does and after we talk, I think I am going to go ahead and commit to LSU.

“I’m going to talk with my mom this week and see if she has any questions for him and I am going to get some of my own questions together. And after we talk, if coach Miles gives us the answers we’re hoping for then I’ll commit and recruiting will be over for me because that will be my final decision.”

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