Toliver Apologizes for Fight

LSU wide receiver Terrance Toliver, who suffered a broken left hand in an off-campus fight early Sunday morning, spoke with the media on Tuesday evening for the first time following the incident.

When LSU senior wide receiver Terrance Toliver addressed the media after practice on Tuesday evening, he did so sporting a new cast on his left hand.

Toliver was tasered twice during a fight early Sunday morning that resulted in citations being issued for disturbing the peace, public intoxication and resisting a police officer.

He suffered a fracture in his left hand, which will keep him in a cast for at least the rest of the team’s spring workouts.

“It was an embarrassment to the team, coaching staff, players, my family and me,” Toliver said. “It was totally out of my character. It was my first time to ever get into an altercation like this. To the fans, I am sorry and forgive me for what happened.

“It won’t happen again.”

Head coach Les Miles, who spoke after Toliver addressed the media, said that while the punishment would be fitting, Toliver would continue with the team for the nine practices left in the spring session.

“He will practice with that hand,” Miles said. “We will work him hard. He will sustain some running. We are going to throw the balls when the read dictates, and when he doesn’t catch it we will bark at him. He will have to block with it. I didn’t break it, he did.

“His personal embarrassment will be ongoing.”

According to Miles, the LSU medical staff cleared Toliver – who did not practice on Tuesday – to continue with the team despite the break.

“We asked the question of is the hand safe, and then he would miss practices,” Miles said. “Right now it is a simple fracture … it will be casted, taped and rubber casted for the rest of spring; there will be no lasting issues.”

Miles, who said he would rarely allow a player to talk with the media about an issue like this, also showered his senior leader at wide out with a few encouraging words that speak to the type of student-athlete Toliver has become for the Tigers.

“There are some guys who are maybe more likely,” said Miles of the incident. “He was less likely. You have a guy that is a pretty good egg. He does the right things, and he can make some mistakes.

“Terrance Toliver is a good person, and I suspect we will get by this.”

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