Spring: Day 14 Practice Report

Thursday brought the final workout for the LSU football team before Saturday's Spring Game.

The LSU Tigers took in their last practice before the Spring Game, which is set for Saturday at 3:00 pm. With gorgeous weather, the team worked out in shells on a day that would include fundamentals and intense focus.

The running backs worked on their pitch and gauntlet followed by a resistance run. Richard Murphy donned the green jersey, but he looks to have gotten a good work out these past few weeks, which help keep him in football form heading into the Fall. The battle for number two will be exhibited this Saturday as Steven Ridley tries to hold off redshirt freshman Michael Ford. Both looked really good in drills, but Ford is more “to the point” in terms of cuts and getting up field.

The quarterbacks remained in their same progression and worked on the in and fade routes.  Today, coach Crowton was wearing the battle stick and hitting the quarterbacks while they went through their five step drops. 

Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee looked very good on most of their throws, with Lee hitting everyone in stride. Talk has been that Jarrett has come on strong in the last two weeks, and it is evident. Chris Garrett has all of the tools to be a good quarterback, but right now he seems to put too much into his throws, resulting in overthrown passes. Jefferson has not done anything wrong in any sense, it just seems that there is a formidable backup and some competition for the fall in Lee.

The wide receivers worked on their routes with the quarterbacks, and they looked good today catching the football - aside from one or two passes that should have been caught. Reuben Randle continues to impress by catching everything and moving up field. Russell Shepard had some nice snags today, and even Terrance Toliver surprised us by making an impressive one-handed snag. 

Coach Gonzales continued to pay relentless attention to detail by ensuring that the receivers do the little things, like hiding their numbers by bending down in their cuts, tucking their chins, and picking up their feet when bursting out of a cut. It appears that LSU hired a methodical wide receivers coach, and there should be some great results come Saturday.

The offensive line participated in stretch and counter blocking assignments with no changes in ones or twos. Ben Domingue has solidified his spot as the second center and there will probably be no more experimentation with others.

On the defensive side, the tackles and ends were broken up again with the tackles working on take offs. Josh Downs and Michael Brockers appear to be the fastest of the tackles, and Downs just has another type of motor. The ends went through assignments against the stretch and pull blocks that go away from them by squeezing down on the tackle watching for reverses or cutbacks.

The linebackers and defensive backs were going over their fundamentals during our allotted time. The linebackers did form tackling at close range followed by the sled while the defensive backs worked on sidestepping, backpedalling and adjusting to the football. 

Overall, the team seemed extremely focused and it is always good to see them go back to the basics before a game to ensure they remember everything to the point of it being instinctual.  There was no joking around today and they really seemed to understand that this game could go a long way in determining the depth chart for the season.

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