Oak Grove LB battling back

Oak Grove is a small town in North Louisiana that is not known for turning out college football players in droves.<br><br>However, this year Oak Grove High coach Vic Dalrymple has a prospect who could garner attention from some college coaches and possibly even Nick Saban.

Linebacker Jonathan Crowe (5-10, 180, 4.7) transferred from Fairhope, Ala., after his sophomore year and put together a solid junior campaign for the Tigers that earned him a spot on the coaches' Class 1A all-state team. He is a little small for linebacker at the college level but has the athleticism to play in the secondary.


"He's a good hitter and he has natural stuff in his hips that allows him to knock the snot out of people," Dalrymple told Tiger Rag. "He has good hands and good instincts that would make him a good strong safety. If he can get everything back, then he could play at a Division-I school."


Before he even thinks about his future in football, Crowe must focus on recovering from a car accident that almost took his life.


"He was in a car wreck about two months ago that almost killed him," said Dalrymple. "He went through a stop light and an 18-wheeler almost killed him. He was in the hospital for about a month and we don't know what his status will be. The doctors say he should have a full recovery but he still doesn't remember a lot. Talk to me over the summer and I should be able to tell you more."


If Crowe can get back to full speed for his senior year, he hopes to show college coaches he has the heart of a lion. Or could it be a Tiger?    

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