Abundance of Offers for Richardson

The recruiting process doesn't appear to be close to winding down at all for four-star offensive tackle Antonio Richardson and that bodes well for the long list of suitors that are after his signature.

The recruiting process varies for each prospect as some recruits are more heavily recruited than others.  In most cases, the better the player, the more attention he receives. The recruitment of Nashville (Tenn.) Ensworth product Antonio Richardson has taken off so much that he has given the media podium to his father, Lanny Richardson.


Mr. Richardson is now answering all of the questions surrounding his son’s recruitment, and TigerSportsDigest.com caught up with him for an update.


“It’s been getting a little hectic lately,” Richardson said of Antonio’s recruitment. “It hasn’t been a surprise really because we were anticipating this process. It seems like everyone is trying to talk to him and it’s been difficult with the NCAA rules. I think coaches are only allowed like one call until May.”


Even during their limited allowance, coaches made the most of their calls as Richardson sports offers from LSU, Alabama, USC, Auburn, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and many others. 


“It seems like they’re all trying to get a piece of him,” Richardson stated. “They’re wanting us to visit their campus and they’re all hoping we choose their school for one of Antonio’s five official visits.


“We haven’t picked the five yet, but I’m pretty sure USC will get a visit and then possibly Syracuse because they’ve been showing so much interest since the beginning.”


One of the programs hoping to receive a visit from Scout.com’s 14th-ranked offensive tackle and 88th-ranked prospect overall is LSU. 


“We’ve been in touch with LSU, but we are yet to speak with coach Miles,” Richardson informed.  “We’ve spoken to a few head coaches already, but mostly just recruiting coordinators.  LSU has a great program, and we’ve heard a lot of good things about the school.”


Some of the good things that Richardson and his son are hearing about the Tigers are not coming from the coaching staff. Instead, they are coming by way of the Vinson family.

“I’m friends with Dr. Vinson – father of 2010 signee Ronnie Vinson – and they speak very highly of LSU,” stated Richardson.  “We also like LSU, not only because it’s an SEC school, but because LSU is always in contention for a national title, and that’s something that you cannot overlook.  Ronnie invited us to come down there, so we may take an unofficial visit to LSU in the summer.  We’ve never been to the campus before, so it will be our first trip.”


During his recruiting campaign, Antonio and his father will be seeking a few things from each university.  It is likely that whichever school contains the most components will land the four-star prospect’s signature come February.


“We’re looking for a school that will support him academically,” Richardson said.  “We want to make sure that if he has difficulties, there will be a staff there that will tutor him and help him succeed.  We’re just going to play it by ear and get a feeling about each place while we’re there visiting.  We’re really looking for a place that will help Antonio succeed in life because football will only last for so long.”


As long as football is in the picture, Antonio must decide on which side of the ball he would like to play as he is currently playing on both the offensive and defensive lines.  


“Some schools are recruiting him on offense and others on defense,” Richardson explained.  “Some coaches are recruiting him to play on whichever side he wants.  I think he’s kind of leaning towards offensive tackle in college because ever since he started playing on offense in high school, he has really loved it.”


For now, the 6-foot-6, 310-pounder will continue to wait it out.  According to his father, there will be no decision coming anytime soon.


“Right now, we’re trying to stay open to all schools, “Richardson concluded.  “We’re not trying to rule anyone out.  We’re grateful for any attention that any school shows.  We’ll probably start to narrow things down within the next three to four months, but we want to make it through the summer first.  He’ll be visiting Stanford next month, and he will participate in a Nike combine while we’re there.”


Note: As a junior, Richardson earned First Team All-State and First Team All Mid-State honors.

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