Getting to Know Brandon Worle

Brandon Worle always wanted to be a Tiger so when Les Miles gave him a chance to join the LSU family Worle wasted no time in accepting.

Brandon Worle

Position – Fullback

Current Size and Speed – 6-foot-1, 230-pounds, 4.5 (40)

High School – Troup County

City/State – LaGrange, Georgia

Senior Stats – Over 400 yards rushing in limited time due to injuries Current Squat Max - 430 lbs.

Current Bench Max – 305 lbs.

Recruited By – Joe Robinson Position Ranking – No. 5 (FB) (***)



On his senior season at Troup County….. “It went pretty good.  We could have done better, because we got knocked out in the first round of playoffs, but we had a really young team.  Looking back, I kind of regret playing on defense because that took away some of my carries, and we struggled a lot on offense.”


Vocal leader….. “I think I lead by example, but I also did a good job on speaking out to the younger players.  I always stressed to them how important it was to be on time in the weight room and to keep their head in the books to remain eligible.”


Any lingering injuries….. “I had some injuries last season, but now I’m 100 percent healthy, and I’m ready to come in and play at LSU.”


The recruiting process for Worle….. “I was nervous at first because I really wanted to go to LSU, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to.  I told my coach that in the beginning, and he said he’d get me there.  I didn’t believe him, but he ended up doing exactly what he said he was going to do.”


Why LSU….. “As soon as I took my first step down there, it felt like home.  Plus, my mom liked it.  She told me that if it was fine with me, she would like me to go to school there because other schools were timid about me playing.  My mom thought I could do both at LSU.  I’d have the opportunity to play and get an education that would help me become successful in life.”


How the off-season workouts are going….. “The coaches gave me a workout plan, but I’ve been running more than lifting because I’m trying to keep tone.  I feel like once I get down there, the humidity is going to be high and it’s going to be hotter.  So, I think it’s important for me to be conditioned.  Plus I know I’m going to be getting bigger at LSU over the next four years, so I’d rather come in there toned and in shape.”


Other schools involved….. “I kind of liked Florida because I liked going down there.  But I used to watch a lot of football, and every time I would see highlights of LSU, the team seemed real hard-nosed, and I knew I wanted to be part of a team like that.”


On his favorite thing about LSU….. “Walking on the field and stepping inside of the stadium for the first time, it felt like I was already playing there.  It felt really good.”


Worle will room with….. “J.C. Copeland, Ronnie Vinson, and Sam Montgomery.”


Heading to Baton Rouge….. “On June 4th.”


His academic status….. “I’m not sure of my overall G.P.A., but on my latest report card, I had 3 A’s and 3 B’s.  I took the ACT on April 10th, and I’m waiting to get my scores back.  I’m one point away from qualifying on the test and if I finish with the same grades I made on my last report card I should be qualified.”


Jersey number….. “I told coach Miles, I like No. 5, but if not, then No. 25.  I really wanted No. 5 as a tribute to my cousin, who passed away, that played football at Troup.  I like No. 25 because of Reggie Bush.  He is one of my idols.”


Expectations of playing time….. “The coaches have been talking like they are going to get me to block some and run the ball a lot.  With injuries not being an issue, I think I might come in and play right away.  I’m 100 percent healthy.”


Worle’s hidden talent….. “I can dance and sing, but I’m not sure it’s good enough to win ‘American Idol’ or anything.”


Favorite food….. “Shepard’s Pie.”


Favorite movie….. “Friday Night Lights.”


Biggest role model….. “I look up to my mom because she’s really independent.  My father wasn’t here growing up, so my mom had to take care of everything on her own.  She’s been here for me from day 1 until now.  Seeing her have to go through so much proved to me that if she can go through that, then anything is possible.”


For the LSU fans….. “I’m ready and excited to come in and cause havoc on the field.  GO TIGERS!”

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