Getting to Know Cameron Fordham

LSU has always been a special place to the Fordham family so when Cameron Fordham had a chance to follow in his dad's footsteps he couldn't pass it up. Fordham shared his thoughts on his upcoming move to Baton Rouge in this Q&A with

Cameron Fordham

Position - Center

Current Size and Speed – 6-foot-4, 250-pounds, 4.6 (40)

High School – Northview

City/State – Duluth, Georgia

Current Bench Max – 300 lbs.

Current Squat Max – 500 lbs.

Senior Awards/Honors – All-Region, Offense-Defense All-American Bowl member

Recruited By – Don Yanowksy

Planned Major at LSU Mass Communication Position Ranking – No. 7 (C) (***)




The recruiting process…..  “It had its ups and downs.  At first, it started off slow, but then it picked up towards the end.  I committed to LSU in June, and then I picked up more offers during the season.  It didn’t affect me though because I was solid to LSU.”


Fordham was a leader on the team….. “There were a lot of young players on the team, so I had to speak up to them before games to get the team pumped up and ready to play.  Then every day at practice and during games, I would go out and do my assignments.  I didn’t complain about it.  I did whatever the coaches asked me to do, and I think the young guys on the team took notice of that.”


On his senior season at Northview….. “It didn’t go as well as we would have liked it to.  We had a young team, and we were in a tough region, so our expectations weren’t good.  Personally though, I thought I improved on my blocking and on my leadership skills.”


On choosing LSU….. “I picked  LSU because I grew up liking them.  LSU was the team we followed in my house.  My dad played there and it was a childhood dream of mine to play there.  I had to be a Tiger. There was no going back on that.”


On following his father’s footsteps….. “He always told me to go to college wherever I wanted.  He always said to make my own decision, and I really liked hearing that during the recruiting process.  But I know he likes that I chose LSU a lot because now he can go back and visit his old school and see some of his old friends in Baton Rouge.  He loves LSU, and so I guess by me picking LSU, it works out well for the both of us.”


On his favorite thing about LSU….. “I really like the people there not only at LSU, but the people in Louisiana.  They rally around their football team, and that’s a special thing.  I just like the whole school. It has a nice campus, and it’s just a really special place.”


Moving up to Baton Rouge….. “June 4th.”


On his roommates….. “Travis Dickson, Jordan Allen, and D.J. Welter.”


On leaving home….. “I love Georgia.  I’m going to represent my home state, but at the same time,  all of my friends will be going away to college too.  And so I know I have to move on with my life.  I am a little nervous about going so far away from home, but I know that after a couple of months of living in Baton Rouge, I will be fine. Plus, having my uncle Ruffin (Rodrigue) in Baton Rouge will help me feel comfortable too.”


How the off-season workouts are going….. “They are going really well.  I workout between four and five times a week.  I do running workouts three times a week, and strength workouts four times a week.  I feel like the workouts have improved my explosion off of the first couple steps.  I’ve also improved my 40 time.  I was running a low 4.7 to a high 4.6, but now I’m running a mid-to-low 4.6.”


Fordham’s academic status….. “I’m fully qualified.”


Jersey number….. “It depends on the position I play.  I have not talked to anybody about it.  I would be happy with any number, but if I play tight end, I would want it to be in the low 30’s or 40’s.”


Recruited for what position….. “The coaches are undecided at the moment, so I am going in as an athlete.  A bunch of coaches have different opinions on where I should play, so I guess the summer practices will help them decide.”


Expectations of playing time….. “I’ll be approaching practice like I’m going to be playing.  But whenever the coaches want me to play, that’s when I’ll play.  I don’t think red-shirting would hurt me, it would only help me.”


Hidden talent of Fordham….. “I think I can dance pretty well.  I have a few moves in the pool shed.”


Favorite food….. “Sesame chicken.”


Favorite Movie….. “Waterboy.”


On Tim Tebow and the NFL Draft….. “I feel like he’s going to bring good character to the locker room.  He’s going to work hard, and is going to see the field regardless of what position he plays because he refuses to fail.  I’m not sure if he was picked too early, but I think he will do well because he works so hard.”


Fordham looks up to….. “Jeremy Shockey.  I love his approach to the game.  He can block and catch, and is flat out nasty.  He brings a ‘no care’ attitude to the game, and that’s what I like about him.”


Wants to tell LSU fans…..  “I’m going to come in and work hard and contribute all I can to the team to make it better.  Go Tigers!!!”

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