Getting to Know: Nic Jacobs

Many tight end Nic Jacobs was one of the first commitments to the LSU Class of 2010. Over a year after his pledge was made, Jacobs is prepared to head to Baton Rouge permanently this summer.

Nic Jacobs


Position – TE, DE

Current Size and Speed – 6-foot-5, 260

High School – Many High

City/State – Many, La.

Other schools of interest - Position Ranking – No. 35 (***)


Many (La.) athlete Nic Jacobs had been a target of the LSU staff dating back to the days that Josh Henson traveled the recruiting roads with the Tiger coaching staff.

After receiving an offer in February 2009, it took little time for the home team to reel in the Many native. Within a week Jacobs had decided to visit for Junior Day, where he then committed to head coach Les Miles before returning home.

With the body to add weight and move to the offensive line, or maintain his build and stay at tight end, Jacobs offers the Tiger offense a number of options.

On the new look before Signing Day… “I showed up to my official visit at the end of January and I was weighing about 270. All the coaches and players seemed surprised. I just had continued getting bigger and still felt strong and fast, so there was nothing to it for me.”

On his current look… “I am back down to 260 pounds. The agility stuff that coach Moffitt has the freshman doing has me running a whole lot. I haven’t even started the legs portion of the program.”

On where the staff wants him for the summer… “From talking with the coaches it seems that they don’t really mind as long as I am in good shape. I could get bigger obviously, but if I do that will probably happen once I get to college.”

On a position at the next level… “I am not going to say I wouldn’t move to the offensive line, if they needed me. I really just want to play. But I do feel like I could make an impact at tight end. That has my focus since it’s where I am coming in at.”

On his abilities as a tight end… “My athleticism makes me a good receiving tight end. I think I can get out and make plays with my hands. But I am also a beast at blocking. That’s probably the best part of my game right now.”

On a new position coach… “I was recruited by a few people on the staff. During the last season it was coach Yanowsky who I met and started to get to know. Since then coach Ensminger has joined the team, and I guess I’ll start to figure out how he is this summer. Right when he came onto the staff he called and talked with me. He sounded pretty cool. I am sure he knows his stuff.”

On shutting down his process early… “I know I ended it earlier than most people, but as soon as all the calls started coming from reporters and coaches, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long with it. When LSU offered I knew I would commit, so as soon as coach Miles gave me the scholarship I let him know that I wanted to be a part of the team.”

On the transition come June… “Coming from Many to Baton Rouge, I’ll admit I don’t know what to expect. We’ll see how it is. I have friends up there already like Chris Davenport, so it shouldn’t be that bad for me. I am just ready for it to get here.”

On other activities outside football… “I really am into basketball. I played a good bit growing up. That’s one of the things I would like doing if didn’t play football.”

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