Getting to Know: Travis Dickson

Ocean Springs two-way standout Travis Dickson chose LSU over a bevy of SEC offers. Following in the footsteps of his older brother Richard, Dickson talked about the coming move to Baton Rouge.

Travis Dickson


Position – TE

Current Size and Speed – 6-foot-3, 230-pounds

High School – Ocean Springs High

City/State – Ocean Springs, Miss.

Other major offers – Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Oklahoma Position Ranking – (DE) No. 37 (****)


Thanks to his older brother Richard, Travis “J.T.” Dickson had been a prospect that LSU fans had their eyes on for years. Recruited by most every school in the Southeastern Conference, the Ocean Springs native had no shortage of college campuses hoping for his services.

With a father that attended Mississippi State and a brother that started during four straight seasons at LSU, the SEC seemed the evident destination. In August prior to his senior campaign, Dickson made the call to Les Miles and made his commitment.

After a football playoff run that followed with a similar postseason appearance on the baseball diamond, Dickson is closing in on his final month before heading to Baton Rouge.


On his decision to choose LSU… “It was the school that I had spent the most of my time at, and that had a lot to do with Richard being there, of course. I looked at all schools equally, and the opportunity I had with LSU was still the one that I felt most comfortable with. With distance and my family’s relationship with the staff, I didn’t think I needed to be anywhere but Baton Rouge.”

If not LSU… “If I would have decided on another school it would have been between probably the in-state schools or Auburn. Ole Miss had recruited me hard, and they were a serious option. I had just always leaned towards LSU no matter where I visited.”

On Richard’s influence… “I talked with him a whole lot throughout the entire process, even back when I was a sophomore. He was definitely a part of the decision. I could get truthful answers from him, and he felt LSU was the best fit as well.”

Finding a position… “A lot of my focus in high school was at defensive end, but those days are behind me. Since finishing my senior season I have been working on my offensive game non-stop. The coaches have always said that they would take looks at me at both fullback and tight end, so working to get better in those areas has been my focus. I’m behind in my progress, but it isn’t anything that can’t be made up after some hands-on coaching this summer and next fall.”

Being recruited by many… “There were probably as many as five coaches recruiting me to LSU. I met coach Miles when I was still in middle school, and then Josh Henson recruited me as the tight ends coach. When he left for Missouri, coach Yanowsky took over my recruitment. After he left, it was coach Robinson. When they brought on coach Ensminger, I was already done with my whole process. It definitely wasn’t the typical recruitment of having one guy come after you through your entire high school career.”

The LSU workout plan… “All the running has my weight fluctuating between 230 and 235 pounds. I feel good at this size, too. I’m able to move well, but also play strong. I’ve added some extra touches to the workout, as well. I definitely haven’t worked this hard before, so I know it’s paying off.”

A dual-sport athlete… “I also play baseball at Ocean Springs, mostly as a designated hitter. We just lost to Petal High in the second round of the state playoffs. They were beatable, but we had an off night. Leaving baseball behind will definitely be tough on me, but I expect football will occupy enough of my time anyhow.”

Away from the sports fields… “It really depends on the time of year. If it is hunting season then I want to be up in the swamps. If it’s hot outside, then I am going to be on the beach or fishing out on the water. Growing up on the Gulf Coast gives you the opportunity to do a good bit of different stuff outdoors.”

Not his first time in Tiger Stadium… “I think I have been to almost every game of significance since Richard was in school. By the time I will finish up college it will have been about eight straight years of being in Tiger Stadium for games. It’s definitely the experience that everyone says it is.”

Best games… “The craziest games that I have seen were the two Florida games, the one from 2005 and the one from 2007. Those are just above the Auburn games from those seasons, in my opinion. It was probably some of the best SEC football I have seen.”

Loudest nights… “Either the Ole Miss overtime game in 2006 or the 2008 game against Alabama when LSU blocked the field goal at the end of the game. Both times the stadium was just insane. I just hope that we can match that intensity level when I’m on the sidelines.”


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