LSU Strikes First

LSU has already secured a pledge from Trevon Randle, ranked by as the nation's No. 4 outside linebacker. Will another out-of-state name, perhaps Valdosta High's Justin Williams, also land in the class?

Justin Williams is one of those high school football talents that you can’t keep off the field on either side of the ball, even at a school as talent-rich as Valdosta High.

For college coaches, however, the 6-foot-1, 205-pounder is destined for linebacker. And for an ever-aggressive Williams, the position suits him just fine.

“If you watch my film you see right away that I can do a lot of stuff,” Williams said. “I do some work inside and outside the box. I can get down and hit someone, but I can also move quickly and play in open space.”

LSU defensive backs coach Ron Cooper, in his efforts to recruit a pair of Williams’ teammates at Valdosta High, stumbled upon the two-star prospect during the team’s spring workouts.

“He said that he really liked what I was doing out there, and then he told me he was going to watch my film with the staff and stay in touch,” Williams said. “I didn’t really think too much of it, to be honest.

“Not long after that I got a letter in the mail and it was from LSU, and I didn’t even open it right away because I didn’t think it would be anything too special. When I read that it was a full scholarship, I ran out of the house because I was so excited. It was a big day for me.”

Williams took in a trip to Auburn this past weekend, the first in a string of campus visits that the Peach State standout has planned over the summer months.

Also on the agenda is a trip to Baton Rouge, which Williams hopes will come during the second Les Miles Football Camp in mid-July.

“Coach Cooper said that the main thing I need to do is get onto campus, so I’m looking to hook that up right away,” he said. “I definitely want to see a game, too. If we could look at our bye week this fall and match it up with a Saturday night game at LSU, that would be perfect for us. Right now LSU is definitely where I am looking the hardest, because it's a big offer for me to have. I feel like others will come though. Ever since I got the LSU offer last month, more coaches have called the staff here and asked about me. It seems like if I'm good enough for LSU, I'm good enough for them.”

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