Tuesday chat with quarterback Matt Mauck

Tiger Rag was able to visit with LSU quarterback Matt Mauck after Tuesday's workouts. <br><br> He was pressed for time as he headed out the door for a night class, but he did chat for a few moments. Here are the highlights.

On what he can do in practice right now:

"I feel real good right now. I can't do a lot of fast motions like scrambling, but I can do the basic things like dropping back and handing off. I am really confident I will be ready to be back. It is so important for me to be out there right now though. These 15 practices are important.


On his performance so far in spring practice:

"I am really happy with the way I am throwing the ball, especially since I can't really push off.


On a possible quarterback controversy with Marcus Randall:

Everybody likes to say there is a quarterback controversy, but if there are two linemen at the same position everybody says that is a good thing. It is a good thing we have two good quarterbacks because if one gets hurt like last year, the other one can play."


On how his foot actually feels:

"It hurts pretty much all the time. But as far as pain goes, it is good now. I just haven't used it in five months. I was setback about a week when they took that screw out. The joint gets real mobile and I have to get used to that."


On the progression of the offense:

"Last year we had so many defensive players back and this year we have a lot of offensive players returning, it's the other way around. The offense is doing well already, we have a lot of talented guys, but it is just the second practice."

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