Part 2: IWB looks at Scion Dental Tourney

In part 2 of our three part series, I asked Jim "IWB" Ganzer to look back on the Scion Dental Summer basketball tourney. Now that the first yr has been completed, what changes could we see? The Tourney gave MU fans a great opportunity to see new players and judge the improvement in the returning players. I asked Jim which players caught his eye. Junior Cadougan was voted as the Tourney MVP.

Audio Part 3: IWB looks back at the Scion Dental Summer camps…potential changes for next yr…Junior Cadougan was the MVP… [6min]

Audio Part 4: Which MU players progressed the most over the summer….Jimmy Butler…Joe Fulce [Aka ‘sound check], Dwight Buycks [he flourished in the pick up free lance atmosphere..]…Jamail Jones[not as comfortable in the same setting but will look better in structure…great shooter…][6min]

I also posed questions from our boards. Thanks to all who posted questions.

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