Jae Crowder is Ready to 'Role'

Versatile 6-5 F Jae Crowder can help MU this yr by playing with his back to the basket down low or out at the three line facing the basket. Can he replace Lazar Hayward the undersized post player who ended up being a #1 pick in the NBA draft?

Crowder says that he is compared everyday to Lazar Hayward. Similar to Hayward, Jae wanted to wear #24 but could not because it was retired[George Thompson]so they assigned him his HS number,#32,Hayward's old number. Is that deja vu or what?

The JC transfer Crowder commented that he can fit in with MU's style. "Buzz contacted me Xmas of 2009." He said, "One of his D-2 coaching friends told him to call me. I watched Marquette on TV and thought I could fit in very well. Their toughness. Winning 3 straight road games in OT."

Here is my 7 min interview.

Here are some tidbits from the interview.

Likes structure…knows his role…played on a disciplined Juco team….

Could not be here this summer…but got into great shape as players told him to be ready for MU trainer Todd Smith.

Most impressive player: DJO in the open court…likes the challenge of guarding him…

Scouting report:

Vander Blue…very smooth…great slasher

Jamail Jones…has a sweet go to move to hoop…can get two points at any time…

Reggie Smith…very fast and can really can jump….my favorite for the dunking contest

Davante Gardner.…a big athlete…a good guy…has lost a lot of weight…

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