Buzz sheds More Light on His Recruiting

In Part 2 of my 3 part series of 'one on one' interviews, Buzz Williams touched on the following topics ...the difficulty of finding players now that the team has more big is the pool of players that he recruit?..Why he does not always count on the evaluations of the recruiting gurus and their lists when deciding whether a player can fit in Marquette's program...and more...

Here is the 7 min audio.

[DJO was much better than advertised.]

Here is an excerpt.

DOS: Buzz, at one time you did not have enough that you do have more depth….do you find it more difficult to go out and find guys now without the 40 minutes of playing time that you can promise them?

Buzz: A few things on that. I think that's just the ways of the world. It's a problem when you don't have enough players and you're trying to prove that you can recruit but then when you do sign good players, then it becomes a problem of can you keep recruiting those same types of players?

I think what's happened without using names…Dodds…. is we're swinging for the fences and when you swing for the fences, you're going to strike out some but also when you're swinging for the fences, there's a lot of variables involved that even if you're following it every day, that you really have to pay attention to how the dots are being connected to understand why and how guys are making decisions. And how we coach and how we live and how we recruit being who I am as a coach to be a recruiter, and I'm not going to change how I recruited you. When they get to camp, it's how I coach you.

And that's what is so difficult is that there is a very small pool of players that are talented enough to win at this level and then within that pool of players that's already been reduced…. Within that pool, I am only going to recruit guys, we're only going to recruit guys that are one of us…. guys that understand the value of a diploma ….guys that are going to go to school, guys that are going to hook up and play hard every day, guys that understand the value of work…..and within that pool…we are going to do everything that we are allowed to do…and we are going to do it harder than anyone else and with more purpose than anyone else….and how that plays out…is how it plays out.

Part 3 will be up later in the week.

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