Part 3: Buzz Williams looks at Recruiting

Here is third and final of my interview series with Buzz Williams. I asked Buzz to touch on the some recruiting and coaching topics. What is Buzz looking for in a recruit[s]? How does Buzz view the so called ‘recruiting gurus' and their lists of top players? He comments about being hired by Tom Crean after the experts said that he had committed ‘career suicide' quitting New Orleans.

Back in 2007, when Tom Crean first told me in an interview that he had hired Buzz Williams, a top recruiter from the South, I heard Buzz speak and assumed he would expand MU's reach into the Southern region. But I underestimated Buzz. The first indication that he was more than just a ‘Southern recruiter' was Buzz being able to relate to and help seal the deal with New Jersey PG Tyshawn Taylor. After Taylor committed, I asked Crean how he closed the sale with Taylor and he said, ‘Oh, it was simple. I put Buzz on him and he would not let him leave until he committed."

Here is the 5:45 min audio from Media Day.

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