Aki Collins on PG Derrick Wilson

Here is part 1 of my 4-part interview with MU Assistant Coach Aki Collins. According to Collins, signing PG Derrick Wilson was the culmination of a three-year recruiting process. Wilson was first spotted by Collins after having completed his sophomore year in high school,when he played PG for an AAU Team with Doron Lamb (who later signed with Kentucky) and Shane Southwell (signed with KanSt).

MU kept tabs on him. Recently, when the coaching staff evaluated their team, they saw that Dwight Buycks, the third option at point guard behind Junior Cadougan and Reggie Smith, was getting some playing time. Not wanting to be caught short at the important point guard position, the coaching staff felt that they couldn't pass on Wilson.

"We came to the conclusion that teams that aren't very good are teams that cannot initiate their offense because they don't have a point guard." said Collins.

Adding Wilson also gives them the flexibility of playing two point guards at once. Buzz Williams mentioned on signing day that no one even at the beginning of last year thought that 5' 7" PG Maurice Acker could play with 5' 10" PG David Cubian at the same time, but it worked out very well.

Any Marquette fan who saw the 2005 NIT where small forward Joe Chapman struggled to play point guard after injuries to Travis Diener, Brandon Bell and Niv Berkowitz, depleted the point guard ranks, know how important it is to have enough point guards.

Part 1 of 4 of my audio interviews with Aki Collins. [4 min].

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