Even 7Foot Drifts cant stop Brad Galli Update

It's a great episode so tune in today! Not to sound like a beggar there, but hey! most people have the day off, so give the show a minute (or 12:01) of your time - and pass it along to the fans in your life. And please feel free to comment below. We hope this episode can be the first to touch 2,000 views in its first week.

We finished this thing at 4:00 A.M. this morning to make sure we could get it to everyone during the blizzard. Enjoy it!

Marquette Basketball Weekly: Season 2 Episode 7 Brad Galli highlights National Marquette Day, and more specifically, Todd Warner talks to Darius Johnson-Odom, Jimmy Butler, and Chris Otule about the exciting close to the win over 10th-ranked Syracuse. Plus, you know them by their transfer status, but find out why GQ may be soon calling Dave Singleton and Jamil Wilson. And finally, hear what the team has on their iPod -and where the conversation goes when Buzz Williams talks music. He's got some impressive friends in the country music world.

Link to the Video:

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