BET Superlatives

Matt Trebby breaks down the best of the 2011 Big East Tournament.

Play of the Tournament: The UConn Huskies made an amazing run in the tournament, on the back of one Kemba Walker. His tournament was highlighted by his dazzling buzzer beater against the Pittsburgh Panthers on Thursday. Kemba got a screen, had Gary McGhee switch onto him, and then made him look downright silly. Two crossovers, one going each way, and one jumper just beyond the left elbow later, the Huskies were on their way to a semi-final match up with Syracuse.

Player of the Tournament: See above. Kemba Walker, after four games, had a record for points in any conference tournament, with a game to go! He single-handedly led UConn to the title, and to a much better position in the NCAA Tournament.

Controversy of the tournament: Take a guess…

The refereeing catastrophe that took place during the St. John's v. Rutgers game takes the cake not only on the tournament, but possibly the whole year. Both Jim Burr and Tim Higgins had a clear view of the sideline on which the Red Storm's Justin Brownlee took for steps onto, then proceeded to throw the ball 20 rows into the stands. But, neither thought it was worthy of a whistle, despite 1.6 seconds remaining on the clock.

Brownlee was out of bounds, he traveled, and a subsequent technical foul on Brownlee for throwing the ball into the stands should have been called. Jim Burr and Tim Higgins are already infamous enough for their officiating, and this, by no means, helped.

Game of the tournament: UConn vs. Syracuse in the semi-finals. A rematch of probably the best Big East tournament game ever. The atmosphere in the Garden was electric, and with all the twists and turns this one took, you could tell why. It had everything: overtime, great players, great plays, many, many momentum swings, great coaches, and the feeling of a game in the Big Dance. Kemba Walker proved his worth, if he didn't already, and UConn continued their road to the Big East Tournament crown, in stunning fashion, getting past one of their biggest rivals.

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