Summer Update: Crowder honing game in Florida

Marquette senior Jae Crowder heads home to focus on self and game.

Not many knew who Jae Crowder was before his breakout junior season at Marquette this past season. The 6'6" Crowder and his hair are now known in households throughout the college basketball world.

But the desire to get better has only gotten stronger for Crowder following the success and selection of fellow teammate Jimmy Butler in the first round of the NBA Draft.

Following the first summer session at Marquette Crowder made the decision to head to his family home in Florida to focus on his game and himself.

"I came to Florida to get away from school and come somewhere where I am isolated and can work out anytime I want for how long I want. I made the decision in order to really focus on me and my game."

Yet Crowder has not forgotten about his teammates back in Milwaukee. He keeps close tabs on their stats in the Milwaukee Pro-Am and has especially monitored the progress of the newcomers.

"I'm excited to work with the new guys and bring them along as we work to have a great year." Yet in order to have a great year both as a team and individually Crowder has identified parts of his game to work on this summer.

"I'm working on ball handling, a lot of catch and shoot, one and two dribble pull ups and free throws."

Following a Sweet 16 appearance and with much of the Golden Eagle nucleus back, fan and media expectations are high this year. But perhaps Crowder has the highest expectations of all noting his vision "of going undefeated in the non-conference schedule."

Rest assured Golden Eagle fans and players alike can only hope Crowder's vision becomes a reality.

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