Buzz profiles the 2011 Newcomers

At media day, I asked MU Head Coach Buzz Williams to profile the 2011 newcomer, 2G Todd Mayo, PG Derrick Wilson, F Juan Anderson and F Jamil Wilson. Here are two audio clips-10 minutes of audio from Buzz.

Buzz says:

2G Todd Mayo: a high major player. We are happy to have him in our program.

Todd Mayo

PG Derrick Wilson: an army brat...the best on ball defender as a Freshman since I have been coaching at MU

F Juan Anderson: intelligent...very good defender...understands the game...makes the pass that leads to the assist.

F Jamil Wilson: Transfer from Oregon...Buzz talks about missing out on him 2 yrs ago...thinks he has chance to be a 'staple' of the program....glad he is only a Soph.

Audio Interview Part 1:6min

Audio Interview Part 2:4min

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