When Should a Coach Yell at his Players?

"You cannot holler at a horse and expect him to obey a whisper." says Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams. So last night in the McGuire Center at the Fish Fry Scrimmage, when MU head coach Buzz Williams turned the game coaching duties over to his staff and he sat back and watched[at least until the game went into to double OT] there was a method to his madness.

"I told our staff that I would stay out of it. It is healthy for our kids. You must make sure their ears hear your voice after Valentine's Day. You dont want to burn them out.'

I mentioned that former Milw Bucks head coach Del Harris said of yelling at his players,'I try not to raise my voice to a player unless something has become a trend. I dont want to have him turn me off.'

Buzz agreed and said that Coach Harris is a valued mentor for him. Here is the full 7 min interview.

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