LSU 67 MU 59

BATON ROUGE, La. –LSU's Ralston Turner's two big three point shots helped end No. 10 Marquette's 10 game winning streak 67-59. Turner ended up with 22 pts which matched Jae Crowder's 22 in a losing effort for MU.

MU was up 54-53 and called time out to set up a play with 2:39 left. LSU's trapping defense then doubled Darius Johnson-Odom's baseline drive and Devante Gardner in the corner, forcing a turnover that led to a fast break transition three from Turner putting LSU up for good 56-54. Down the stretch LSU's Center Justin Hamilton hit seven FTs in the last 53 second to secure the win.

In the post game ESPN 540 radio show with Steve True and Jim McIlvaine, MU head coach Buzz Williams said :

"I thought they[LSU] played really well...just as well offensively and defensively. It is hard to win on the road when your opponents shoot 62% in the second half. We called the time out and got the turnover at 2:39 and they got the transition three to go up 56-54."

[Homer True: It seemed harder to get the ball inside with their height...few paint did a better job in 2nd half with paint touches.] "They have really good players. We had 21 paint touches in the first half, by far the lowest we have ever had. In the 2nd half, 26 which is about average. Ideally we want about 50 a game, ideally 54. We have been averaging 56 this year."

MU started out the game leading LSU 13-0 but began to settle for long shots. Williams told True,'We started out like gangbusters...but there were too many possessions without paint touches. I guess we assumed that if we shot those same shots we would have the same results. What ends up happening is that you have too many possessions without paint touches which will impact free throw makes and assisted baskets.

Buzz told the team that if MU did not get paint touches the key to the game was limiting LSU's offensive rebounds. They came into the game 18th in the country in offensive rebounds. Their shooting stats were lower but they made up for it with offensive rebounds.

"They shot 54% and everything we wanted to limit them to we could not do it...and that is a credit to them.[looking at the stats] We made only 9 FTs. We aren't going to win. [held them to ]14 offensive rebounds. That was good.[but] 7 assists? 15 turnovers? We are not going to win.

[Homer: your transition...they seemed to wall off the basket] "When they make 6.5 out of 10 baskets in the 2nd half, it will gear the game down. Similar to the Wisconsin game, if we get stops the game will be faster...we will win. When you don't get stops, you aren't going to win.

"If we are mature about it, losing this game will help us learn as much as beating Wisconsin did on the road....beating Washington did in NYC. We got our tails beat. We got away from what we practice.

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