MU's comeback falls short to #1Syracuse 73-66

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Down 35-12 to #1 Syracuse in the first half, #20 Marquette rallied to within 3 before falling 73-66. Syracuse was lead by Kris Joseph's 17 pts and Brandon Triche's 16pts. Marquette (12-4, 1-2) was led by Darius Johnson Odom's 19 pts and Jae Crowder added 15 pts , 7 rebs and 3 steals. Marquette had 12 turnovers in a sloppy first half but was able to go on a 7-2 run to finish

down 37-19 at halftime.

A furious 2nd half rally allowed MU to come to within 2, 59-57 on a DJO three with 4:30 remaining. Fifteen seconds later, down by 4pts, 61-57, DJO attempted a 3pt shot from the key which was blocked by Dion Waiters, recovered by Waiters and his drive and lay in put Syr up 63-57.

On the ESPN 540 post game show, Marquette head coach Buzz Williams told Steve True and Jim McIvaine:

"We were completely different in the cannot win in vs. #1 with 12 lob ball TOs in the first half...but in the 2 half, only have 4 lob ball cannot beat #1 with that."

[Jae Crowder's performance 17 pts/7 reb/3St]I think he is rythematic....he is an instinct player...he kind of does a little bit of everything...he was good in the 2nd half..

Williams added, "Collectively we were really good in 2H but just as bad in 1H...we have to play really hard from start to finish...within what it is that we like we were built...the way we can be extremely technical but [it comes down to ]....we did not get the ball below the FT in have to be the hardest playing team ...mind numbing what we did in 2H and it was mind numbing what we did in the 1H..."

I thought our guys [did a good job of penetrating] in 2H...paint touches...37 shots in 2H vs. 20 in 1H...maybe faster because we got more stops...fewer TOs...

[were your guys scared in 1H?] Our team was not scared...from a scouting report ..we know them...[played last yr]...we have to have a fear that the only way we can win...the fear...the to play the way we practice....we will be ok..."

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