Tough Enough

When the going gets tough, the Golden Eagles get going.

After capturing his 100th victory as a Division I basketball coach, Buzz Williams revealed what he looks for most from his team on the court: toughness.

?"I always want to be the toughest team, maybe more so than anything else. I don't want to be technical or tactical, I want to be the toughest," Williams said after Tuesday night's victory over USF.

Marquette's relentlessness was on display Tuesday night as they forced the Bulls to turn the ball over 22 times. The Golden Eagles were able to use their speed and athleticism to lure the Bulls into their "monster" defense, their half court trap defense, causing the Bulls to force shots and turn the ball over all night.

USF is not the only team to turn the ball over frequently against Marquette. In fact, with the exception of Providence, the Golden Eagles have forced every Big East opponent to commit 15 or more turnovers.

"They feed off that. They feed off of your mistakes." USF coach Stan Heath said after Tuesday night's game.

While the Golden Eagles have forced their opponents to turn the ball over, Williams is not exactly thrilled about his squad averaging 13.1 turnovers per game this season.

However, Williams is willing to sacrifice a higher turnover average in order for his team to keep a faster pace and he is quick to point out the positives that have come from Marquette's speed this season.

"Our assists-to-buckets ratio is at an all time high. We do a great job of sharing the ball. We're sharing the ball as well as we have since I been here. So it's a little bit of give and take. If we can shave some of the turnovers off a few things can happen, one—we're probably to score more, and two—we're going to put pressure on the defense."??

Williams was happy to see his squad commit only five turnovers Tuesday night and is hoping they can display that type of discipline throughout the remainder of Big East play.

"One of the things about being tough is your discipline should continue to increase and I think that is happening with our club."

With just ten games to go in the regular season, we will see if the Golden Eagles can be as tough as their remaining schedule looks.

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