D Wade: Closely Follows MU's team

Dwyane Wade and some of his Miami Heat teammates attended the Marquette vs Seton Hall game last night. I was able to catch up with him at the Bradley Center today after a Heat shoot around.

Dwyane Wade: "I always keep in touch with the program. I see myself as being a big brother – a role model – a face for the program.

(On Buzz Williams)DW : "He is a great coach. I got a chance to get to know him when he came down to be part of my fantasy camp (last summer). He knows the game, very intense...he's intense, likeable guy...funny but tough."

(On getting a nice round of applause every time he comes to Milwaukee):DW "It is always great to come here....I had a lot of great years here. I always get (that ovation) when I come into Milwaukee. I look at the

(At Marquette) The person I became here. I came here as a young, shy kid and left ready to walk into manhood.

MU fans remember this dunk vs East Carolina in 2001-02.

(Following Marquette): " The first few years out I was really busy with my own [professional] life ...but since then I have really been excited about Marquette University and the basketball team. I know some of the guys and I have been able to come back ...and train with them in the summer.

"Also, I am a sponsor of the team and it's always good if they win. My ties are there and I love to see competitiveness As an alum, as a former member of the team, I just want to see a team that fights and this team right here fights.

(On current MU team): They have a little Miami Heat in them in the sense they like to come back in the second half and like to make the game interesting. It is not always good, but there is a lot of excitement in the arena.

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