ND Nation's Mike Coffey Previews MU v ND

When No. 15 Marquette(19-4, 8-2 BIG EAST) plays at Notre Dame (14-8, 6-3 BIG EAST) this Saturday afternoon, it will mark just another big game in the long series. I asked author and historian Mike Coffey from ND Nation to look back a the series ... Al McGuire...Digger Phelps...and give us a preview of ND's team.

Here is the audio:

Part 1: ..[8min] History...why MU coach Eddie Hickey cancelled the series...Al McGuire...Digger Phelps..how new The Big East Conference ended the East Coast pipeline for both programs in the early '80s

Al McGuire statue depicts MU coach after win at ND in '76

Part 2:][7min] 2012 Notre Dame's slow down 'Burn Offense.'...reduces possessions...

6-9 Jack Cooley

Part 3: [8min] 2012 ND's guards Eric Atkins and Jerian Grant hold the keys...6-9 F Jack Cooley controls the boards...ND can start offense from all positions in front court..

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