Quotes: BYU

Quotes from several Cougars on media day at the KFC Yum! Center.

BYU Quotes

Charles Abouo #1

On comeback against Iona
"It's definitely a good one for us and an amazing experience to be a part of. This game tomorrow is going to be a little different. A different team with different matchups; we're going to do our best to get familiar with the opponent and get off to a better start."

On getting to sleep after comeback win
"It took a little while, even after I ate and took a shower. I'm still a little worked up over it."

On short preparation time for Marquette
"I've seen Marquette play a lot with the BIG EAST being on ESPN as much as it is. We've had a chance to break down some film. They're a really good team. They're a very complete team and will be tough to play against. They compete really well."

Second straight year in 3 vs. 14 game but this year as 14 rather than 3.
"It is definitely weird and definitely crazy. But I remember the 14th seed last year and they played really loose and free. We as the three kind of got tight as there was a lot of pressure. So it is kind of cool to be the underdog."

What does team do tomorrow that didn't happen early in yesterday's game?
"I think we need to start the game better. We need to continue to keep a positive attitude We have to be ready to contribute…some guys came in and gave us some amazing minutes for us."

Matt Carlino #10

On possible Marquette advantage
"Obviously they're a really good team. It's just playing another game in another arena. They're going to be fresh and we're going to have to come out and play a full 40 minutes."

On effects of short tunaround
"Personally I like it. You get a day to rest and then you get to go back out and learn from your mistakes. I think it's a good thing."

Noah Hartsock #34

On short turnaround
"We got the pre game jitters out and already have a game under our belt. We just have to come out fired up and ready to go again."

On Marquette
"We've watched film on them and they're really good at getting into the paint and scoring in the lane. We need to focus on how we play and play hard for 40 minutes."

On going from a 3 seed last year to a 14
"Last year we couldn't help but feel at an advantage because of our seed. We also felt the pressure that came with it. As a 14 seed you have a little more freedom and not nearly as much pressure."

On Western Kentucky's comeback
"We were watching in the locker room and saw that Mississippi Valley was beginning to lose it and we didn't want to get behind in our game but we did just that. There are no 25 point shots so we needed to chip away."

When did you feel like you could win Iona game?
"Once we got it down to six or seven we knew it was winnable."

Damarcus Harrison #24

On expectation of being here
"No. We knew we had to play hard in the second half and give it all we had. I don't think any of the guys wanted to home really and we just had to pull it together and continue the run we put together in the first half."

On advantage of playing a game already
"I like to think we have an advantage because we know what it takes to be down in this tournament and the atmosphere it has. Hopefully we have an advantage in that perspective. We have got to go out and give it all we've got."

On Marquette
"They are big, physical and play in the Big East and know physical play. I know that they will have some guys that are going to want to drive to the basket. We are going to have to guard well and rebound and play to level of their toughness. We watched film this morning, but it's still a process and we will have to go over it a couple more times."

Nate Austin #33

On comeback win
"I'm excited for the game tomorrow. We are going to come out and play strong. We have momentum so we are going to use it and stick together as a team."

On Marquette
"They are athletic and a great team. Crowder won Big East player of the Year. They have some good players. We have to be ready to play. We have to play our game and if we do play our game, we have a good shot at winning."

Anson Winder #20

On last night's win
"It does a lot for our confidence. A lot of teams that start off the tournament won't have games already. We will have a game under our belt. That will definitely help out a lot."

On Marquette
"Of course we watch them play on TV, a lot and stuff like that. We know their plays and they have a lot of good players and great talent on their team. We are in for a battle and this won't be an easy one at all. This is a challenge for us and we are really excited."

On any advantage
"Hopefully in our transition if we can get out and run and hopefully cause turnovers. Hopefully that can help us out a lot. We mostly want to get out and play our style of play and cause them problems. Our goal is to get them to take the toughest shot possible. They are a high scoring team and like to get to the basket so if we can make them take tough shots it will help us a lot."

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