Marquette-BYU: Live Blog

MUHoops brings you live coverage of Marquette's matchup against BYU from the Yum! Center.

5:13 pm--88-68 MU FINAL

Todd Mayo's three pointer with 2 minutes and change was the dagger in the Cougar's side as it stretched the MU lead to 13. The game wasn't as much of a blowout as the score indicates but at the same time the game was never BYU's to have. I'll have more from Louisville later.

5:00 pm--76-66 MU, 3:47

A cold few minutes of shooting for Marquette and yet, they lead by 10. They need to play smart basketball down the stretch, especially on defense, and hit their free throws. Jae Crowder has been quiet on the offensive end for the Golden Eagles and perhaps, they should try and run the ball through him at the free throw line. His mid-range shooting and passing ability should help him be effective from that part of the court.

4:47 pm--74-61 MU, 7:03

After MU stretched the lead to 17 on a Davante Gardner basket+foul, Noah Hartsock and Brandon Davies combined to bring BYU back within 10. A Todd Mayo three-pointer brought the Golden Eagle lead back to 13. MU seems to be doing okay at stopping the BYU momentum before things get out of control. Over the next three minutes or so if they can keep the lead above the 5-7 mark, they should have no problem holding on for the win.

4:34pm--66-52 MU, 11:21

Nice stretch of plays for MU as they forced a few turnovers and converted on the other end. The last offensive possession for MU had to hurt BYU as Jamil Wilson grabbed 2 offensive rebounds and DJO finished with a three-pointer. Crowder continues to add to his monster game by padding his stats, taking charges, and being all over the court.

4:22pm--56-46 MU, 14:47

What a wild first few minutes to begin the second half. It has been just about all BYU after intermission. First, it was Brandon Davies inside, then it was three-pointers from the other guys outside. MU was not helping their cause by turning the ball over and the attacking of the zone seemed to disappear. The Golden Eagles need to go back to playing smart, aggressive basketball or things could get interesting here.


FG %: MU-43.6, BYU-37.9%
3PT %: MU-54.5%, BYU-37.5%
FT %: MU-69.2%, BYU-75.0%

Individual Leaders: Scoring: MU-Crowder (17), BYU-Davies (9)

Rebounds: MU-Crowder (10), BYU-Zylstra (5)

Assists: MU-Cadougan (3), BYU-Davies (3)

Steals: MU-Crowder (2), BYU-Davies/Carlino (1)

Blocks: MU-None, BYU-Austin (2)

TO: MU-Mulitple (1), BYU-Carlino/Hartsock (2)

3:53 pm--49-34 MU, HAFLTIME

Marquette struggled a bit in the last few minutes, turning the ball over twice in a row, which lead to 4 easy BYU points. They did recover in the final few minutes to take away some of the momentum BYU was begininng to build up.

3:38 pm--42-25 MU, 3:57

Marquette has continued to impress here in Louisville. Although they have given up a few easy layups and free throws in the past couple minutes, the Golden Eagles continue to attack offensively. Davante Gardner has been huge, grabbing offensive rebounds and knocking down his free throws. MU is allowing BYU to just 36% shooting thus far.

3:26 pm--33-17 MU, 7:45

MU's pressure defense was able to force a couple turnovers leading to easy layup. Additionally, BYU's defense has been collapsing around Gardner which allowed him to find Blue for a layup and DJO for a three-pointer. MU's defense has been relentless and their ball movement on the offensive end has been phenomenal. Jae Crowder's 11 points and 7 rebounds leads the way thus far. He also has 2 assist and 2 steals, showing why he was the BIG EAST Player of the Year.

3:12 pm--22-14 MU, 11:34

MU has done a good job of forcing Hartsock away from the hoop and into tough fadewaway mid range shots. However, when BYU has passed through MU pressure, they've gotten some easy looks at the rim. One-on-one defensively, Crowder and Wilson have done a good job of mixing up when they stay tough and pull the chair out. Offensively, Crowder has been the most active, both on the boards and finding teammates. Davante Gardner has provided a nice lift since Jamil Wilson picked up his second foul.

3:00 pm--14-4 MU, 15:59 1st Half

MU has been able to get off to a quick start due to their ability to penetrate the BYU zone and find open shooters. Three different times in the first 4 minutes MU was able to dish out to open shooters after getting the ball to the charity stripe. Defensively, MU is playing pressure defense and has BYU a little rattled at this point. More importantly they have been finishing plays with rebounds and not allowing second chance points.

2:52 pm--Same starting linup for MU: Blue, Cadougan, DJO, Wilson and Crowder

2:50 pm--And we're ready to get this game underway...

2:24 pm--Looks like Marquette will be wearing gold jerseys against BYU.

2:22 pm--Murray State defeats Colorado State 58-41 in the first game of the afternoon. The Racers shot just 39% from the field, 29% from the three-point line and 50% from the line. However, their defense in the second half was phenomenal and they did a much better job on the boards

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