Quotes: Blue, Gardner, Mayo

Vander Blue, Davante Gardner and Todd Mayo comment after 88-68 win over BYU.

Vander Blue #2

On Jae Crowder and Darius Johnson-Odom

"Jae and ‘DJO' are the head runners and they deserve their shots. They've been here longer than anyone else. It's about the team effort, not everyone can take those shots but I feel comfortable with Jae and Darius taking those shots. Some nights it will be Jae and other nights it will be DJO. Everyone knows their role; its not just a two headed monster. I think that's how we get teams, because they worry about Jae and DJO. Then Davante (Gardner) goes off for 15. I feel like this is a compliment to Coach Williams. He gives us the freedom to play how we play. We have good players who may not get a lot of credit for it but now it's starting to show now."

How do you think the game went?

"It was a great game and a great win, we beat a really good team. They are really good at what they do; spot up shooting and in transition. I feel like we imposed our will early and that gave us an advantage and we went on to win. I feel like we came out trying to make a statement and let them know we are here to win. We wanted that game and that's what we did, it helped us throughout the whole game."

How did Marquette want to start the game?

"It's tough to come back from a large deficit especially in the tournament because every possession is valuable. The longer you play the more each possession is valuable than the next. We wanted to make sure we came out and put our foot on the gas early. We tried to make them play from behind instead of it being us. I feel like we were clicking early and that really helped us when they made a good run. We got things back together, I feel like we once again imposed our will in the second half and that's how we blew the game open."

On Davante Gardner's performance "That's Davante. He is an elite scoring threat. He gets position down low, where it is just him and his man; I'm comfortable with him scoring that basket. He has proven over and over that he can do it; he is back healthy and is going to help our team in a big way. Gardner and Todd Mayo helped us in a big way."

Was BYU ready for a Big East style of play?

"I don't know. I just feel like we came out and imposed our will to be the dictators in this game and play our style of ball and make them play our style as well. We didn't want to get into that catch and shoot style that they play, because we probably lose that shoot out. We wanted to make sure we got touches in the paint. We made the defense rotate and make them play our type of ball."

Davante Gardner #54

On physicality with BYU

"We had to come out ready in order to get this win. I feel like we were physically imposing and my knee is feeling better."

On atmosphere in the arena

"It was great; our fans are here to support us and my guys are behind me."

Todd Mayo #4

Second three that started the 10-0 run that ended the game

"It was a good look that Darius Johnson-Odom or Junior Cadougan passed up a good look and kicked it out and I was able to knock down the shot. I think those two threes were big and got us out on a good note in the tournament."

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