QUOTES: MU Players discuss Murray St.

Wilson, Mayo, Gardner, Otule and Anderson comment on Saturday's game.

Marquette QUOTES:

Jamil Wilson #0

On tomorrow's game plan

"We've watched some film this morning. We know that they have some pretty dominant guards. They play hard on defense just like us. They're really a mirror opponent. I guess it's just who plays their style of play longer."

On Murray playing in Kentucky

"Yeah, you could see it as a disadvantage for us. It's tournament time so there's going to be advantages and disadvantages for everyone but what you do with your team matters most. There are no real huge advantages. It's not really a home game; it's just their home state."

On Murray State

"I watched them play Colorado State. I had heard of Isaiah Canaan before, but I haven't caught a full game. I expect a physical game. I know they have some guys that are four-out, one-in and then I know they have some guys that are three-out and two-in."

Davante Gardner #54

On the matchup against BYU

"It was not as physical as a BIG EAST game but it was physical. Their two big men were pretty physical, they posted up strong."

Chris Otule #42

On the pace of tomorrow's game

"It's going to be a fast-paced game. We have quick guards that like it fast paced. It's going to be fun."

Juan Anderson #10

On his contribution yesterday

"Every game, I just want to bring something to the table—contribute. I felt like I went in there and brought a little energy and like I said, I just want to bring something to the table."

On first tournament experience for him

"It is exciting and I still don't know what to expect yet. Everybody just has to bring their ‘A' game every night because it is win or go home. So it is exciting."

On his thoughts before yesterday's game

"There is not really much one thing specifically but everything is just more serious. You still have to lace them up and come to play."

On senior leadership

"DJ (Johnson-Odom) always makes jokes to break the ice. But at the same time I understand and I can read between the lines about how serious it is. It is just win or go home. You have to bring it every night."

On Murray State

"It will be a good game. I am looking forward to it. They are a good team. It will be a really good game."

Todd Mayo #4

On first tournament win

"It feels good. I was a little nervous at first. After getting the first game out of the way, it feels a little better. I feel more prepared and I am ready for the next game."

On how others perceive him

"I bring a lot of hard work. I am dedicated to it and do anything that Coach needs me to do. I will do anything to win."

On his defensive assignment

"I have to guard their best player and just try to rattle him a little bit and maybe get him out of focus. I feel I will be defending number three (Isaiah Canaan). He averages 19 points a game. So I will be excited to guard him. I am going to watch some film tonight to try and figure out what he does best and what his weaknesses are."

On Canaan's 3-point shooting

"The defenders have to be committed to the white line and the guys behind me have to help because he is a good player. He is always attacking. I saw that this morning in film that he likes to come off fade screens. He splits the screens and he is a pretty good shooter."

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