QUOTES: Murray State discuss Marquette

Racer players discuss Saturday's matchup with the Golden Eagles.


Brandon Garrett #13

On game against Marquette

"I know it's going to be a good game. We both have the same style of play. Both of us like to get up and down the court. We play physical. They play physical. It's going to be a great game to watch."

On being lower seed

"We're going to walk in expecting to win the game just like any other game. It's just another opponent."

On Fan Support

"It's been a great atmosphere seeing everybody coming together. Between WKU, UK and our fans, it's been a great atmosphere with everyone all cheering together for us."

On expectations of fan support

"We kind of thought it was going to happen and as predicted it did."

On #11 Donte Poole

"His nose is doing fine. It's not bleeding. He's a tough kid. He'll be alright and will be ready to go tomorrow."

On initial reaction to nose incident

"At first, when I saw all the blood, I thought it was pretty much broke. They've pretty much put it all back into place now. I was worried because that's my guy."

Zay Jackson #10

On game against CSU

"I was expecting a fast paced game, but their game plan was to have us grind it out. What we do is get out in the open court and shoot threes and things like that. I think Saturday's game is going to be a faster paced game Both teams like to get up and down and they like to play defense. They are a big team. It's going to be aggressive out there and we are going to be aggressive too."

On practice today

"It was easier getting ready for tomorrow's game. I wouldn't say there is game plans other than just do what we do—play defense. We have to get back on defense. We focused on transition defense. They like to run as well as we do and it is going to be an uptempo game. We did a couple get-back drills, so that we can get right on defense from the beginning. We can't get out like we did in the Colorado State game. That is basically what we did in practice today.

About preparing for a fast paced game

"I gotta get a good night sleep for a game like this. It is going to be up and down. They like to run, we like to run. They do a good job of running and we do too. It is going to be a great up-tempo game."

On his defensive assignment

"I will guard either Junior Cadougan or Darius Johnson-Odom. I will be ready. I played against Cadougan in my junior year of high school. I haven't had a chance to guard Johnson-Odom yet so we will see what happens."

Ed Daniel #2

On preparing for another big game in the NCAA tournament

"It's good for us, we're going to come out and keep playing as hard as we can."

On how big this game is for Murray State

"It's big for us, this is a very good team that we are getting ready to play. We're a good team too but we're going against one of the best teams in the nation. It will be good for our program and for our community."

On potentially being the first Racers club to go to the Sweet 16.

"It will be exciting for us to be in the Sweet Sixteen if we can make it there. Hopefully we can get there and play [well] like we have been."

On what it will take to be successful against Marquette

"Rebound, box out, limit our turnovers and be aggressive on the defensive end."

On Marquette's fast-paced style, how does that fit into your style

"We're both uptempo teams. The thing we'll have to do best is play defensively and get stops."

On whether you think you'll get support from UK fans

"Fans are a big part of our success, but it will be mostly on us. It is unusual because we're from Murray. A lot of people don't know about us but now that we're getting up there a lot of people are starting to recognize us. Because we're from Kentucky, people will start to cheer for us."

Jalen Bland #32

On practice

"It was good as always. Everyone is pretty locked in and focused."

About Marquette

"Their style of play is pretty similar. We are both known as tough teams and defensive teams that get after it on the defensive end. They are going to press us and we have to take care of the ball. We have to be fundamentally sound, And we are going to pressure too—that is always us."

On his view of the outcome

"No matter what, we have been working since July, so we are not tired, we just keep thinking about those times and push through."

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