Buzz Williams Commitment to Chicago

According to Roy Schmidt of the Illinois Prep Bullseye Basketball Report, Buzz Williams and his staff are closely monitoring the talent over the next three yrs in Illinois. Recently, Buzz was able to lure Illinois asst coach Isaac Chew to MU. Chew replaces Tony Benford who took the North Texas job in April.

Part 1: Roy says that Chi has considerable amount of talent in '13 and '14 classes. He says that the addition of Isaac Chew means MU has made an even bigger commitment to Chicago. They are involved with many elite prospects. Chew knows Chicago and has many relationships with key HS and AAU coaches. 5:40 min

Thomas Hamilton

Part 2: MU's focus on the big three AAU teams in Chicago. Mac Irvin Fire...Meanstreets and Ill Wolves. 4:30 audio

Paul White

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