Bullseye looks at Chi targets

Roy Schmidt looks at MU's targets in Chicago for the next 3 yrs. The Illinois classes of 2013, 14 and 15 are target rich.

Segment 3 : 6min audio ..2014 targets...Paul White...MU is in very good standing...has visited. Battle between Ariz, Ohio State and WI. Watched him and has recruited him hard. Roy says that he has improved his toughness.

Thomas Hamilton

Thomas Hamilton. MU is one of his favorite schools. Does MU have the same interest? MU has offered. MSU, Northwestern and MU. Motivation is an issue. Recovering from injury.

Alex Foster, MU was interested at one time but both sides have moved on.

Alex Foster

Segment 4: 8:19 min ...Jabari Parker. Was MU ever interested? Yes. Parker never had return interest. Duke and Mich State are the leaders.

Jabari Parker

Kendrick Nunn update...MU, UCLA and Illinois.

[Article on Fri: segment 5: 2015 targets]

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